1909 -1954 MHS Red

Brick School Building

   School Basement


 1909 - 1954



 Photo's compliments of LeVerne Langheld Kidd

1909-1954 The Red Brick School Building

Minden, Louisiana erected its first building for public school use in 1909 on College Street on the site of Minden Female College.

It served for both high

school and grammar school until 1924.  In the school years 1924-1949 this building was occupied by Minden Grammar School only

and from 1949 to 1954

by Minden Junior High School.

The removal of this old structure will leave only cherished memories of association of association with the red-brick building on College Street.

                                                              December 1, 1953

Many thanks to LeVerne Langheld Kidd for sending the history on the back of the plate. 

 M.H.S. School Basement

Compliments of Morris Busby January 11, 2006

I thought you might want to see the last picture of the 1909/1910 building.  The contractor dug up this section of the  basement this week during site preparations.
Morris H. Busby


We've even retrieved a few bricks from the old 1910 building...mostly broken...but a few whole ones.
Chris Brousard is working at the present on our painting of all the buildings over the years...I think it will be great.
M. H. Busby




As I approached the 1909 building on my first day of school in 1948 it was easy to see the bus turn-around and watering troughs by

 the entrance.  This is the side where the girls bathroom was located. The boys bathroom was located on the other side along with

Willie Ponders music room where she taught piano classes. There was also a big oak tree with a concrete circle around it.

Jeannine Mobley remembered grammar school girls making furniture out of pine straw below the terrace.   Boys played marbles.

The football field was behind the boys basement. The auditorium was in the middle. Those who carried their lunches ate there.

Maybe that is why it always smelled like apples.  Those who bought there lunches were marched to the cafeteria in the

1924 building. The Junior high school boys had shop classes in the basement. Does anyone remember where Mr. Cook held

his choir classes? We were not allowed to play on the same playground with the boys during Junior high school. In 1948/49

we had sewing classes  on the third floor. We each made aprons in the eighth grade.  Mrs. Lowe taught a seventh grade class

 on the third floor also. The other rooms on that floor were condemned because they were not safe.  Mrs. Willie Ponder had

a music room room downstairs. Shop classes were held next to her room but I cannot remember the name of the man who

taught the class. Maybe someone will write and tell us. Nan Hunter was the only girl I know that took shop at Minden High School.

during the fifties.



  In 1945 this was the entrance to the school from the bus turn-around.







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