Compliments of Linda Culbertson

Ms Gritzbaugh, My father, Carlton Frazier, was in that Unit.  He was young.  He did not turn 16 until October of 1927.  He graduated from MHS in 1927 and headed to Tech that Fall.  The faces are too small for me to identify online.  I recall him mentioning his friend, Floyd Culbertson, later the Minden National Guard Commander, as a participant in 1927.  I have heard stories that my grandmother was incensed and blamed Bob Kennon for allowing his enlistment.  There was no mention of any assist by my grandfather.  John Frazier

Submitted by John M. Frazier

Donald Lee Gardner and Dr. Charles Hennigan submiited this picture after Linda had sent it. This was what Linda wrote:

The picture of the 1927 National Guard is  the Minden Unit. I believe Robert Kennon was the commander. They were mobilized and sent to South Louisiana to help during the 1927 Mississippi River flood. My dad was only 16, so couldn't be an official member, but with signed permission from his father, he was allowed to go along as "mascot". I think it must have been one of the great adventures of his life, because when he died at the age of 86, he was still telling his great-grandchildren about that crisis. His job was to deliver the mail to the flooded Cajun families back in those swamps north of New Orleans. He had to do it in a pirogue and told of all those names looking and sounding alike to a North Louisiana boy, Thibodeaux, LeBlanc, Boudreux, Petitjean, Savoie, Robicheaux. He said those families were very fortunate indeed if he delivered any of the mail to the appropriate group.


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