MINDEN CITY CEMETERY 2007            


DSC01159 Collecting money for the Ghost Walk are  Debbie Gordan Sinclair and leaning over and Kelly Rich

    DSC01160 Ė Pat Pevy & Charlotte Smith Martin

DSC01161   The man in the background in the cap is Bill Green talking to Lynn Sinclair

Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh, Class of 1955 and Cora Lou Brown Robinson, Class of 1953

Anyone recognize the men behind Cora Lou and Sherry? If so e-mail us and tell us who they are.

DSC01162 Lou BAIRD Snook  and Schelley Brown, Class of 1957

Lou BAIRD Snook.   Her mother was Jo Treat before she married.

DSC01163 Dr. Samuel J. Harrell born 15 Oct. 1849 died 23 Apr. 1951

Richard Campbell is playing the part of Dr. Harrell.

DSC01164 The golf cart was furnished compliments of Dr. Carter Norman of Minden.

If you can identify any of the guests in the photo e-mail MindenMemories@aol.com and tell us who they are.

Ben Hunter is on the front row with the black shirt and and beige shorts on.

DSC01165  Roy Miller born 24 Oct. 1880 died 5 Oct. 1952

Roy Miller Inabnett  born Sept 19 1909 died 21 May 2003

 Ghosts were:  L to R:  Carol Willis (Roy Miller) and Sandy Corley (Roy Scales Miller)

DSC01166 B. F. Griffith at the grave of first wife Kate Phillips Griffith born 29 Nov 1871 died 23 Apr 1923

1166 -  Frank Griffith, Jr. played the part of his father.

DSC01167 Joan Wiley Luck playing the part of her ancestor,  Theo Vance Rendall,  born June 1881 died 8 April 1966.

DSC1168 R. H. Miller born (Robert Hyneman born Apr. 1864 in Union, Alabama died 26 Sep 1941)

1168 -  Thad Andress played the part of his grandfather R. H. Miller.

DSC01169 The Bagpipes - If you know the name of the musician e-mail us and tell us his name.

DSC01170 Anna Harper & husband Samuel B. Harper born 24 May 1796; died 5 Dec 1853; Mr. Harper was the third burial in the Minden City Cemetery. Anna Snigers Jones Harper 15 Nov. 1805 - 1 May 1887 was born in NC.

That is Pat and Trish Harper at the Samuel Burgess Harper Grave site

DSC01171 another photo of Anna Harper and Samuel B. Harper - If you know who the actors are the played the part, e-mail us and tell us who they are.

That is Pat and Trish Harper at the Samuel Burgess Harper Grave site

DSC0072 Camilla Hadley Berry born 15 April 1827 died 11 Oct 1853 first wife of J. W. Berry & Jane Elizabeth Hadley Berry wives of Col J. W. Berry. (Jackie Lewis played the part of Camilla and her Mother played the part of the second wife, Jane Elizabeth Hadley Berry born 7 Oct. born 7 Oct. 1837 died 23 Oct. 1927. Col. J. W. Berry was born 12 June 1818 and died 13 July 1894. This was a wonderful performance.  He entertained us with a song. We could see and hear this one.

Camilla Hadley Berry, played by Jackie Lewis.

Jane Elizabeth Hadley Berry, played by Paula Tripp.

Colonel Joseph Berry, played by Harold Palmer.

DSC 0073 - The Berry descendants, Mother, grandmother and daughter

Sure!  That's my Mom, Paula Tripp, in the dress with the blue trim.  In the middle you have my grandmother, Carolyn Palmer.  The crazy red-headed girl is me, Jackie Lewis. 

DSC0074 The lovely wives of Col. J. W. Berry,   played by Paula Tripp and Jackie Lewis

DSC0075 The Civil War Trench - The lady in black is looking for her husband...

0075 -  The girl is Crystal Vance and the man may be her husband Robert Vance.  The four people

             at the Civil War trench were Crystal & Robert Vance, Jefro Scarlett & Barry Watson.  I donít

             know which of the three men are which.

Pic 0075 is indeed Crystal Vance and her husband, Robert Vance.  Robert is Commander of the local chapter of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans.  He attended MHS in the mid to late 1960's.
Identified by W. Pittman

DSC0076  0076 is Jeff Scarlett.  He attended MHS in the late 60's & early 70's. 

Identified by W. Pittman

0076-  Nancy Lowe, daughter of Betty Pittman Lowe.

DSC0077 The man in this picture is my good friend, Barry Watson!

Identified by Gay Clements

 Crystal Vance is the lady looking for her kin in the Confederate trench.

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan

DSC0078 If you recognize these ladies and the grave, write and tell us who they are. They were located near the Confederate Trench.

DSC0079 If you can identify this group of ladies e-mail MindenMemories@aol.com

DSC0080 - If you can identify these ghost e-mail mindenmemories@aol.com

DSC0081 - Anyone know who this cute little ghost is?

DSC0082  Dorothy Cheshire born 25 Feb. 1907 died 14 Feb. 1923 during  Mardi Gras festivities when a fire started.

DSC0083 Joe Luck, class of 1958 portrays his ancestor William H. Luck born 12 October 1869 died 8 March 1951. Mr. Luck built his first school bus made of wood. The family lived where Minden Bldg. & Loan is located.

DSC00084 Martha Belton portrays Miss Kuma Shealey born 1889 dies 1986 son of John and Lydia Shealy.

DSC00085 Miss Mary Mims often called Louisiana Mary born 30 Aug. 1882 died 24 Nov. 1967; born in Minden was an LSU sociologist and community activist.

Janice Mourad played the part of Miss Mary Mims