2007 Holiday Inn Get Togethers

                Friday, November 10, 2007 - Photo's by Jim Gritzbaugh of Bellaire, Texas

DSC01145, Lee Anderson from New Haven, Indiana, husband of Joyce Dulany, John Dulany, Class of 1958, Karen Dulany from Omaha, Nebraska; wife of John Dulany, and Joyce Dulany Anderson. This was the first time Joyce and Lee had attended one of our events.

DSC01146 Boby Lyle, Class of 1953 from Grand Bay, Alabama

DSC01147 Rob Martin, Class of 1955 from Seabrook, Texas

DSC01148 By the fireplace...Jay Dulany from Alaska, Lee Anderson, Linda Lee Mims (1955) Joyce Dulany (1953 Rob Martin (1955) Earlene Mendenhall Lyle in the pony tail (1956) Sandra Richardson Walsh (1958) Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh in the aqua blue on the far left (1955) of Bellaire, Texas.

DSC0049 Lee Anderson in the blue and white shirt, Jay Dulany in the solid black shirt, Nell Dulany in the pink blouse and Nell Dulany Couch, class of 1947 from Crosby, Texas in the blue sweater.

DSC0050 Ikey Kirkikis, Class of 1952 from Carbondale, Illinois, Ann Mays Harlan (1958) She still lives in Minden, John Dulany, 1958, from Omaha, Nebraska and Drew Chreene, also a Minden resident. Drew attended Doyline school and graduated in 1955. Drew has been my friend since second grade. We were in the same class from second through sixth grade.  Seated to the far left corner is Sandra Richardson Walsh, class of 1958, from Florida.

DSC00051 This looks like Sheila Kirkikis, wife of Ikey from Illinois (Class of 1952)

DSC00052 Linda Lee Mims Martin (55)  with her back to the camera, Rob Martin from TX (55) Earlene Mendenhall Lyle from Ala. (56), Sandra Richardson Walsh (58)  from Florida (56) Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh from Bellaire, Texas, (55) and Joyce Dulany Anderson (53) from Indiana. Standing is John Dulany, (58)  from Omaha, Nebraska.

DSC00053, L-R, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle (56), Robert Miller (1955)  and his daughter, Julia), Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh (1955, Sammye Jo Miller, wife of Robert. They are from Dallas, Texas, ?, Nell Couch from Crosby, Texas and Linda Mims Martin, class of 1955.

We were so pleased Ikey, Sheila, the  Dulany's and Miller family could be with us. It was their first time to attend one of our events.  We hope they will come back. Notice the red 1955 Grig on the table in front of Nell Dulany Couch. In my opinion...it was the prettiest and best of all the Grigs. It is made of real red leather. Linda Lee was the Grig editor that year. She won an award for that Grig. The second best Grig I have ever seen is the white one in front of Sammye Jo Miller. Dana Davis was Grig editor that year. It also won an award. It has a picture of the high school on the front. That was the 1953 Grig. What fun we had!!! Wish all of you could have been with us. Robert Miller was voted most handsome by the class of 1955 in the Tide Talk. Trudy Brooks was voted most beautiful girl for the class of 1955 in the Tide Talk. Earlene was voted most beautiful in the Tide Talk in 1956. 

Saturday, November 10, 2007


 Benny, Roy and Sherry grew up close to Hunter's park.  

All we needed was a nickel for a coke.  Everything else was free.

 Larry Hunter furnished the rest.

DSC00054 Mary and Roy Baggett (1955) of Blue Ridge, Texas

Roy was a big track star when he was attending MHS and beat Charlie Hennigan's record.  

DSC00055 Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh (1955 )and Jim Gritzbaugh of Bellaire, Texas

DSC0056 Benton (1957) and Pat Irby

Benny was a lifeguard when he was a kid. The Irby boys were all good athlete's but Benny was the best looking.  

He met his wife when she was teaching at MHS.


DSC01212  That is Charles "Bo" Drake, Class of 1954 standing up drinking a cup of coffee;  Benny Irby (Class of 57) is seated in the blue shirt in front of him; Ann Mays Harlan is standing behind him in the orange sweater; The Dulany family is seated at the table behind Ann. That is Jay is in the red shirt. He graduated in 1962, Nell Dulany Couch is across the table from him (1947) Lee Anderson is next to her and his wife, Joyce Dulany is next to him and seated in front of Ann. Joyce graduated in 1953. John Dulany (class of 58)  is behind Jay.  Rob Martin, Class of 1955 is seated behind Nell Couch.  Greg Grambling (Class of 68) is standing behind Nell Dulany Couch however we cannot see his face.

DSC01213 Greg Grambling (1968) Dora Albritton, Kay Cunningham Davis (1958) Sandra Richardson Walsh (1958) Sheila Kirkikis seated in the corner behind Sandra and Lyda Roberts Madded (1957) in the red blouse sitting in the chair.

DSC01214 L-R, On the side by the fireplace is Rob Martin with the glasses on in the red plaid shirt, Dr. Steve Kirkikis, Ikey Kirkikis talking to Maria Kirkikis, Sheila Kirkikis talking to Linda Lee Mims, Mary Baggett and Roy Baggett drinking a cup of coffee.

DSC01215 Joyce Dulany Anderson (1953)  John Dulany (1968) talking to Janell Boyce Dickinson from the class of 1958)

(Jay Dulany, Class of 1962 is in the red shirt).

(Note:  The top part of this photo turned out black. We cropped it and used used it anyway because it was the only picture we had of Jannell at the event. )

DSC01216 L-R, Maria Kirkikis seated in the left corner, Roy & Mary Baggett by the lady in red, Dora Albritton in the stripped shirt standing next to Greg Grambling in the white shirt. Rob Martin is in the wine plaid shirt. Dr. Steve Kirkikis is sitting next to Rob. I do not recognize the lady in the red blouse.

DSC01217 L-R, Karen Dulany in the green blouse with the cane , Kay Cunnngham Davis in the black outfit looking to the left;  Lyda is standing beside Lyda Roberts Madden in the red blouse next to her husband James Madden. Nest to James is Earlene Mendenhall Lyle sitting down in the chair beside her sister, Barbara Mendenhall McLemore. Barbara graduated with the class of 1961. She is still a resident of Minden, Louisiana.

DSC01218 L-R, Kay Cunningham, Lyda Roberts Madden  and James Madden in the middle; Earlene Mendenhall Lyle and Barbara Mendenhall McLemore on the side.  Under the light fixture I see Karen Dulany talking to Mary Baggett.

DSC01219 L-R, Sandra Richardson Walsh (1958) Kay Cunningham Davis (1958), Lyda Roberts Madden (1957) and James Madden (1956) Seated beside James Is Earlene Mendenhall Lyle (1956)   By the door with the cane is Karen Dulany, Mary Baggett and John Dulany (1958)

DSC01220 L-R, Dr. Steve Kirkikis, (1953)  Maria Kirkikis, Sheila Kirkikis, Ikey Kirkikis (1952)

DSC01221 L-R, Rob & Linda Mims Martin of Seabrook TX, both from the class of 1955; Dr. Steve and Maria Kirkikis of Shreveport, La. , Steve graduated with the class of 1953.  Sheila & Ikey Kirkikis of Carbondale, Illinois. Ikey graduated with the class of 1952.

DSC01222, Linda Mims Martin  (1955) with her back to the camera, Sheila Kirkikis, Ikey Kirkikis (1952) and Rob Martin (1955)