Post cards of the 30s and 40s

The post cards are Compliments of Joyce Dulany Anderson

Below you will recognize the fountain in the park where the new court house was built,

it was located across the street from the bus station.




                                      Claire Turner Fussell got this photo in an e-mail from Charles Freeman (MSH65). 

                                    "South" must be facing the Shreveport Road.  The date on the picture label is 1909.   


This fish pond and Gazebo where they had band concerts in Jacqueline Park are gone now

This  1926 building was where I attended school my Freshman, Sophomore and Junior year of high school has been torn down. 

This beautiful old courthouse was torn down when I was in high school.

This is the church I was baptized in. It has also been torn down.

WWe could write notes on penny post cards like this during the fifties.

If you like the three post cards shown below there are many more like them in John  books' Images of Minden, Images of Webster Parish and Minden Perseverance and Pride by John Agan.  You can call 843-853-2070 or e-mail  You might prefer to call the Webster Parish Library in Minden and ask how to contact John Agan. He is the official Webster Parish Historian.

Minden on North Broadway during the 1890s.  Notice the horses in the picture

By 1940 there were cars on the streets of Minden...

My dad had a ford just like the one parked in front of the City Rexall Drugs in 1942. 

 He drove about 35mph. It took all day to get from Minden to Bernice, Louisiana.

This is just a sample of the wonderful images you can see in John Agan's books about Minden and Webster Parish.

Wish we had an article Minden 1890 vs Minden 1942 to go under this picture!