U. S. Marine

                  CLASS OF 1956    


AC graduated in 1956 David was discharged in Camp Pendleton Calif.

David Nadrchal, A. C. McEachern and Johnny Lee were sworn in.

This was done in New Orleans, Louisiana. 



                        THE BUDDY PLAN

David, A. C. McEachern and Johnny Lee joined the Marines together in July 1957. They had

all been out of high school for a year and we all thought that we would soon be

drafted into the army. They joined the service under what was called "The Buddy

Plan" which meant that we would be guaranteed to stay together through boot

camp and advanced infantry training. A. C. and Johnny were stationed together for about

18 months at Camp Pendleton, Ca.


                      A. C. McEachern going to cold weather training


                      "Bo" and  A. C. and  going to Cold Weather Training


                         A. C. and Johnny "Bo" Lee  - Pickie Meadows CA

                                             Cold Weather training


                                     "Bo" and  A. C. and going on F. P.


                                      A. C. and "Bo" going to Desert Training


A. C. moved to Sarepta after he got out of the service. He has two children; one boy and

one girl.  He was discharged in San Diego, CA.

Photo's and information submitted by Ronnie Hennigan, Class of 1961