Dwight Blake founded the MHS band in the 1920’s.  Mr. Blake’s wife, Molly, wrote the words to the MHS Alma Mater prior to 1947, when Robert Grambling became MHS band director.  She wrote the lyrics to the popular tune, “Annie Lisle.”

 H.S. Thompson wrote “Annie Lisle” in 1857.  The ballad of Annie Lisle is a story about a “virtuous woman who was destined for tragedy”—akin to Poe’s “Annabel Lee” and “Lenore.” 

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 Archibald Croswell Weeks and Wilmot Moses Smith wrote the lyrics for the Cornell University Alma Mater, “Far Above Cayuga’s Waters,” about 1870, using Thompson’s “Annie Lisle” music.  The popularity of the tune for alma mater’s spread quickly and many other schools used it for their alma maters. 

 Mr. Dwight Blake later became band director at Benton High School, which has the same words to their Alma Mater.  Berwick High School in St. Mary’s Parish has similar words in one verse of their alma mater: 

                              But higher yet we hold your banner
                             Wave it far and wide.
                             Now we pledge anew to Berwick
                             Dear Old Berwick High.

Photo by Robert Grambling

1955- Assembly Students singing the Alma Mater during Assembly

Back row, Otto Krouse wearing glasses, Sherry Gresham with eyes closed, Ed Brown standing in front of Sherry, Clifford Salmon in the white shirt, Carol Gay Hardy, Betty Cooper, William Ward, Jimmy White and Bobby Youngblood. Rob Martin is standing in front of  Ed Brown. Barbara Lyons is standing in front of him. I know the two boys on the back row but cannot see well enough to identify them. Perhaps a reader will e-mail me with their names. MindenMemories@AOL.COM.Who are the two boys next to Rob Martin? If you know e-mail us.