On July 9, 2005, Minden High graduates had the opportunity to walk the halls
of the 1924 building one last time before demolition begins around the middle
of July to make way for a new building.

From 9:30 until 1:00 p.m., the doors of the old building were open for former students
and teachers and the public to reminisce.  Several people who once called Minden High School their home came from out of state to share their memories.

We had some regrets knowing we would never see the 1924 building again. We will
always cherish our memories of growing up and going to school in Minden, Louisiana.
We all agreed that the 1910 and 1924 M.H.S. buildings were much prettier than those
being built today.



George Mourad (Class of 1946) and Maurice Whitlow (Class of 1948)

Is this Mickey Watson McCoy in the white pant suit walking out the door?

Peggy Staples (1951 and Patsy Whitlow, wife of Maurice Whitlow (Class of 1948)

L-R, Roy Connell graduated from Dubberly, La, Wilda Wardlaw (1942( Ritzheimer, (1942) Peggy Wise Jones (1952)  and Loy Jones (1948)

Wilda Wardlaw Ritzheimer (42), Roy Connell from Dubberly , husband of Joy Garriss , graduate of ( 55), Charlotte Wardlaw,

Patsy from Winnfield, wife of Maurice Whitlaw Whitlaw, Class of 1948, and Carolyn Sale McDaniel (Class of 1954.)

Here they are again! Roy Connell, Wilda Wardlaw Ritzheimer, Charlotte Wardlaw, Patsy Whitlow, and Carolyn Sale McDaniel

Top Row, L-R, Ann Mays Harlan, (1958) Earlene Mendenhall Lyle (1956 and Bill Wardlaw, (1944)

(Bottom Row, L-R, Carolyn Sale McDaniel (1954) Charlotte Wardlaw (1948), Wilda Wardlaw Ritzheimer (1942) and

Maurice Wardlow (1948)

L-R, Frances Martin Caldwell, Class of 1946, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956, Jimmie Ruth Burkhalter Class of 1948, Jeannine Miller Sale, Class of 1948, Wilda Wardlaw Ritzheimer, Class of 1942,  Charlotte Wardlaw, Class of 1948  and Maurice Whitlow. Class of 1948

Top Row, L-R, Ann Mays Harlan (58) , Earlene Mendenhall Lyle (56) and Bill Wardlaw

Bottom Row, Carolyn Sale McDaniel, Charlotte Wardlaw ('48),Wilma Wardlaw Ritzheimer ('42) and Maurice Whitlow ('48)

Photo compliments of Maurice Whitlow

Cyndy Pugh (Daughter of Bobbie Staples ('48) and Rex Pugh) and Barbara Mendenhall McLemore

Photo's compliments of  Maurice Whitlow

Friday Night at the Hotel has been posted under please visit that site and enjoy the tour.

L to R:  Roy Connell, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle (1956), Bob Lyle (1953), Patsy Whitlow, Ann Mays Harlan (1958), Charlotte Wardlaw (1948), Barbara Mendenhall McLemore (1961), Jeannine Sale Miller (1948), Carolyn Sale McDaniel (1954), Joy Faye Garriss Connell (1955), Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh (1955), Jim Gritzbaugh, Maurice Whitlow (1948)  

Photo Compliments of Maurice Whitlow