MARCH 2008

Sometime after their 50th reunion in 2003, this class voted to get together more often than the standard 10-year time frame.  On Saturday, 29 March 2008, a group convened at the Country Place Restaurant for a time of fellowship, followed by a good meal.  After the meal, in a very brief business meeting, the group decided to hold the 2009 meeting at the same place.     
Bob and I got a little off-track and missed the visitation period prior to dinner, and you KNOW how much I love visiting!   We did get in a few minutes before dinner and a few minutes after dinner. 
Grads in attendance included Rebecca Campbell Marvin, Cora Lou Brown Robinson, Bob Lyle, Fred Berry, Gerald Kirkland, Lee Ross Quinn, Gloria Pearson, Carrol Toms, Kathleen Hortman Bryan, Jane Grubbs Pace, Lucy Moore Quaid, Steve Kirkikis, Jimmy Barnette, Patsy Smith Garcin, Sue Tatum, Margaret Baldwin, Peggy Almond, Richard Baker, Shirley Dunn, and Geraldine Cottrell.  Now, my apologies in advance for using some of the ladies' maiden names since I just did not retain all of the married names.   My count of grads and spouses was 31.
Let me say that ALL of you who could not attend were sorely missed.  Two members of this 1953 group who attended last year, both of whom could be described as the "life of the party", were unable to attend this year due to health issues  -- Tommy Ashcroft and Nan Hunter Castle.    We hope to hear soon that some of these issues have been resolved. 
Thanks to Kathleen Hortman Bryan for handling arrangements for this function.


CP1. Rebecca Campbell Marvin, Jane Grubbs Pace in the blue dress, Dr. Steve Kirkikis and Lucy Moore Quaid at the end of the table behind Rebecca.  (Is that Margaret Baldwin at the head of the table in the black dress?) Geraldine Cottrell in the green outfit.

Can anyone name the other classmates? If so e-mail Mindenmemories & mention photo CP1.

CP2. Lee Ross Quinn, Gerald Kirkland, and the head of Bob Lyle

CP3. Annetta Baker  (Class of 1955) Kirkland and Gerald Kirkland

CP4. Linda and Fred Berry

CP5. Geraldine Cottrell and Margaret Baldwin

If you recognize anyone else in the photo e-mail MindenMemories@aol.com and tell us who they are. Be sure to mention photo CP5

 GP6  Gloria Pearson Wiley

GP7. Carol and Glenda Toms

CP8. Dr. Steve Kirkikis, Jane Grubbs Pace and Lucy Moore Quaid

CP9. Ken and Patsy Smith Garcin

CP10. Margaret Baldwin and Jane Grubbs on the right; (Looks like Maria Kirkikis on the left)

This beautiful lady was probably married, but I only know her maiden name.  I'll try to remember to send Kathleen a note later and ask her if she can give me married names.

CP11 -  Shirley Dunn Batres and her husband, Joe Batres

CP12. Cora Lou Brown and Bob Lyle

CP13. Jimmy Barnette, and his wife  Carolyn Merritt Barnette.

Dr. Richard Baker is seated behind Carolyn Burnette

CP14. Dr. Steve and Maria Kirkikis; I see Lucy Moore Quaid seated to the right of Maria

CP15. Kathleen Bryan Hortman

CP16. Dr. Richard Baker and Jeanette Gipson (Class of1956) Baker


CP17. Ann (Mrs. Lee Ross) Quinn