B. D. "Doyle" Walker


 I played left halfback.  I was listed at 135 pounds in programs but really was closer to 128 pounds soaking wet.  I was hurt in the first Ruston game (badly sprained right knee) and missed last 3 regular season games but recovered enough to play in the playoff games (Ruston, Eunice and Behrman). After all these years, my right knee still bothers me when the weather changes.  Of course, playing football on the 1954 Championship Team was one of the highlights of my life and I will always cherish the memories of all of my teammates as well as all my classmates and other HS friends.   I trust this provides the info you need?  Mom saved a scrapbook of newspaper clips covering the 1954 season so would have other detail if required.   Peace and blessings,   Doyle (aka B.D.)