Compliments of Dottie Day Adcock

William Martin Long was the grandfather of John Adcock, Class of 1954.

The Banner of Liberty was published in Minden, La. in 1896 and was affiliated with the Populists.

William Martin Long came to Winn Parish from Mississippi, perhaps from Lockhart County,

(or Lockhart Community) in the 1870's or 80's. He was married to

 He was married to Lizzie Tabor Long whose father was a doctor in Minden.

He also owned a hotel there called the Popular Hotel. His office and

the hotel MAY have both been located on Pearl Street. Maybe a reader can add to this information.

 John's brother, Ray Adcock, Class of 1957,  thought William Martin Long might have been a blacksmith by trade.  He died

when he was 62 in 1936. He also had been a station master in Doyline when John's mother and family 

lived there in 1914.

Old Minden Cemetery Adcock Plot - Section A South

Tenie NOBLE Tabor 1855-1924 w/o Tom Tabor

Dr. T. J. Tabor born 1847 died 16 December 1903 born in Winston Co. MS.  He was a Mason

John Berry Adcock is the grandfather of John Adcock. He  lived in Bernice, Louisiana. He was the only one First Baptist Church of Minden would let tune their pianos.   

Mary A. Cherry born 12 September 1843 died 26 October 1896 wife of T. J. Tabor

William Martin Long                                    Lizzie T.  B. 15 Jul 1874   in Lockhart, MS              1873 - 1914  D. 05 Jul 1936   in Minden, LA 

*Long, Mary born 1899; 1915

George Alman Adcock Sr. born 26 March 1905 died 17 December 1977

*Mattie LONG Adcock 1907 died 19 February 1985

I think the "Nancy" Long should be Mary Long. She was Mattie Adcock's sister. Her death date should be June 1915.   Submitted by Dottie Day Adcock , Class of 1957