BM-1 - Left to right. front row---Matthew Woods---Jeff Earl Scarlett---Robert Vance,( commander)---Gator Mcdade.
left to right back row---David Hill---Bobby Herrington--- Phillip Woods ---Barry Watson.
David Hill and Bobby Herrington belong to the Richard Taylor camp of Shreveport.
the rest are from T. M. Scott camp of Minden.

Honoring Confederate Veteran Barney Maxey

A ceremony was held on Saturday, June 21, at Lane Cemetery in Sibley, Louisiana In Webster Parish to  conduct a Military Memorial Services to recognize Confederate Soldier, Barney Maxey by the Sons of the Confederate Veterans.

Pictures are compliments of Melba Newsom Bair, Class of 1956









BM-10 - Leon Maxey is in the blue shirt. The boy may be his grandson


BM-12 - Leon Maxey and his grandson












BM-24  Folding the flag and the presentation of the oldest living descendant at the memorial was Margaret Newsom Vaughn.

BM-25 Margaret Newsom Vaughn at the flag presentation of the oldest living descendant




BM-29 This is a picture of all Barney Maxey's descendant's that were in attendance at the civil war memorial ceremony.

BM-30 The descendants again


BM-31 Leon Maxey in the blue shirt and Margaret Newsom Vaughn holding the flag



Barney Maxey was a descendant of Edward Maxey of Virginia . Edward came to America about 1710 from Wales and settled in Virginia .  Barney’s father Henry Thomas was born in Amelia County Virginia in 1797.  Barney was born in Yalobusha County Mississippi April 28, 1836.  We do not know what year he came to Louisiana but some records show he was about 13 years of age .  He enlisted in the Army of The Confederate States of America May 8, 1862 in Monroe La. and was paroled in Shreveport , La June 13, 1865.  Barney married Angeline Ham April 19, 1869 in Claiborne Parish.  Barney and Angeline had ten children: (1) Mary Elizabeth,  (2) Frances ( Fannie ),  (3) William H., (4) John L.,(5)  Bertha Gertrude,(6)   Margaret Arie, (7)  Alfred H.,(8)  Idella,  (9)Nathaniel L. B., (10)  Shelly J.,  He  lived on a small 60 acre farm until his death in 1910.

MAXEY, BARNEY, PVT. CO. H. 28th. (Gray’) La Inf En Monroe, La. May 8, 1862 Roll July and August 1863, Present On Roll of Prisoners of War of furloughed and detailed men, C. S. A. , Paroled Shreveport, Louisiana, June 13, 1865. On Roll of Prisoners of War, C. S. A., Paroled Monroe, Louisiana June 16, 1865. Resident of Bienville Parish, Louisiana

Barney and Henry Jr. had a brother named Nathaniel who served with barney in the civil war.

The Lineage

Henry Thomas Maxey Sr. had a son named Barney Maxey
Barney had a son named John Maxey
John Maxey had a son named Roy Maxey
Roy Maxey had a son named Leon Maxey who lived in Bossier City, La the great grandson of Barney Maxey

Nathaniel Maxey was the father of Henry Maxey Sr.
Henry Maxey Sr. had a son named Henry Maxey Jr.
Henry Maxey Jr. had a son named James Raymond Maxey
James Raymond Maxey had a son named Clifford Maxey
Clifford Maxey had sons named Jack, James Leon and Sam Maxey who graduated from MHS in 1955

Nathaniel Maxey was the father of Henry Thomas Maxey Sr.
Henry Thomas Maxey Sr. was the father of Barney Maxey
Barney Maxey was the father of Mrs. Margaret Arie Maxey (Mrs. Charles) Cox
Margaret Arie Maxey Cox was the mother of Mrs. Pauline Cox Newsom
Mrs. Pauline Cox Newsom was the mother of Melba Newsom Bair
Melba Newsom Bair graduated from MHS in 1956

Henry Maxey Jr. had a son named James Raymond Maxey...James Raymond Maxey had a son named Henry Maxey...Henry Maxey was the first principal of Sibley High School. Henry Maxey was Cecil Maxey's grandfather.  Cecil graduated from MHS in 1956. 

                                                                             A Salute to our Military Heroes

We honor you, our ancestors and descendants, you were so brave. You showed your bravery and patriotism by serving your country.

You fought, some were wounded, and some of you died for your beliefs and our freedom for a country you barely knew. But you were there when you were called to serve your country in: The Revolutionary War, Indian Wars, War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish American War and all the other wars and battles not listed here.

We salute you, you that served our country, whether in uniform or not. You had the same beliefs and dreams and served this same country in other ways than on the battlefield.

From my family tree book 

Melba  Newsom Bair  (Newsom, McIntyre, Beopple, Cox, Browning, Maxey, Ham)


Barney Maxey husband of Angeline Ham Maxey born on July 15, 1851 to William Ham and Frances Cornelia Hasty from Georgia. Angelia departed this life on the 6th day of June, 1908 and is interred next to Barney Maxey in an unmarked grave.  The family is collecting money to buy a gravestone for her grave. If you are interesting in contributing contact Leon Maxey of Bossier City, Louisiana.