By: Sue Ann Richard Kinsey


The April 9th in Mansfield is a Civil War re-enactment  highlighting the Battle of Mansfield and Pleasant

Hill which was fought the next day.  The re-enactors live in tents and you can see what life was like as we

interpret it today.  There will be both Confederate soldiers and Union soldiers.  You can see a field hospital,

walk around, they will have some places where you can purchase things, and ask questions of the re-enactors

 and then see what the battle was like.  I went last year and it was quite interesting.  I had a Confederate ancestor

 that was killed at the Battle of Pleasant Hill.  Some of Captain Petty's effects are in a case at the museum in Mansfield.

  He was buried under a tree close the the Childers mansion which was used as a field hospital.  His remains were removed

 to Texas in 1985 to be buried next to his wife in the Petty family cemetery.  He was with Walker's Division, 17th infantry from

 Bastrop, Texas.  it is most enjoyable and informative.

Note: There is a book called "Journey to Pleasant Hill" which is a collection of letters that Capt. Petty wrote home during the

war that gives great insight into his thoughts and feelings about the war.

(Note: Some of the Confederate dead were brought back to the Minden City Cemetery and buried in the Trench.

The Daughters of the Confederate Veterans marked  the trench . If anyone has the names of the soldiers interred there,

please e-mail so we can list their names here.

Thank you,

Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh