Compliments of Cyndy Clement Gay


                                                                                               THE BAYOU MAJIC BAND

This band was started about 2 years ago. Bruce Lee, who had been a member of the Reunion Band, had the opportunity to perform on Carnival Cruise Line ships. Bruce left the Reunion Band to do a solo act playing and singing for Carnival Cruise Lines. He did this for a year but said it was really tough having a job away from his family for so long at a time. He left Carnival and came back to Minden. Bruce wanted to form a new band that could have the opportunity to perform more gigs than the Reunion Band wanted to commit to. So Bruce, along with good friend Mrs. Debbie Waters, and saxophonist William Watson, put together a trio. Debbie Waters and Bruce had been singing together as a duo before Bruce left to play on the ships. She also was a member of the Reunion Band as a vocalist. Shortly after the trio was formed, they were asked to play a gig at the Bayou Inn Restaurant. The group had not come up with a name yet. Actually William Watson came up with Bayou Magic. It was very appropriate for the Bayou Inn gig. A typographical error was made when the bulletin was printed about the band, and Magic ended up as MAJIC. We left the error and it stuck as the Bayou Majic Band. After a short while we decided to expand the group. We added rhythm guitarist and vocalist Marty Fletcher. Marty and Bruce had played together in previous bands. Marty's great ability to sing country and pop songs, gave the band more variety of music to try. A few months later, we added drummer Kenneth Gay. Kenneth is a great drummer. He can produce any beat to any type song. Bayou Majic performs as a 4 piece group utilizing sound tracks, along with live keyboards, rhythm guitar and drums. This last year we wanted to do more full band gigs and added two more players. Terry Abels, bass guitarist and vocalist, along with Shane Ward Lead guitarist and vocalist, round out the 6 piece group that makes up the Bayou Majic Band. Shane toured in Italy with a blues band two years ago. The Bayou Majic Band prides itself with terrific harmonies and very professional music sounds and abilities. The band plays hits from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, along with great country hits of yesterday and today. The band has played some great gigs. They have entertained for several Mardi Gras banquets and Balls. They have performed for two years straight at Minden's St. Jude Telethon and the St. Jude Classic car show. They played for the big "Lost in the 50's Dance," at the Expo Hall in Shreveport for the annual March of Dimes benefit. This group has very talented people who love playing music. Their ability to play different types of music has given them the opportunity to become one of this areas best variety band. For more information and bookings call Bruce Lee at 318-377-3555 home, 318-268-0528 cell, or 318-745-3623 work. When booking, the group has the ability to perform as a four or six piece group allowing them to play for large or small venues.

We hope to bring you some pictures real soon!