By William Turner Watson    


Our MHS class of 1965 started the 8th grade at the new Lowe Junior High. That name has been forgotten by the powers in charge but the wonderful teachers at that school will be remembered as long as our class members take a breath.
Mrs. Starr taught a wonderful 8th grade English class.  "Dessert gets 2 servings of S"
Mr. Harkness did his best to teach us math and he did a good job for the students who tried to learn. I was not one of them.  All was not work in Mr. Harkness' math class. Take for instance the day that William Luck brought the class down. It was a full class with William on one end of the class and myself on the other.  To wit, William puts a whole piece of paper in his mouth, chews it up into a giant and I mean giant, spit ball.  Sadly that day, his arm strength was not good. As he hurled it over hoping to hit me with it, unfortunately, it went off track and hit Mr. Harkness right on the side of the head. Silence, you bet. Complete silence. Everyone except William looked down at their book. 
Mrs. Mary Belton was perhaps the greatest of them all. She had a wealth of knowledge in science and above all, she was a kind and gentle lady.
Mrs. Belton's son, Stan, is remembered by most for his great athletic abilities, but let us not forget that Stan was president of his Senior Class and was all-state in band.  Anyone whoever worked with Stan on anything will remember that he never put himself above others. He was always a gentleman and a scholar, as well as a dedicated athlete and a great representative of MHS.  To this day, Stan is the same good guy, admired by all.
Merry Christmas to all and to all, Good Night.
Tom Carey, M.D., Class of 1965
Ruston, LA