Compliments of Nolan Bailey


O.K.   This may bring back childhood memories for some folks. 

 Of course, this special "sandwich" may have been a "country" kind of thing. 

The Minden "city folk" may not have "stooped" so low... <grin>

Nolan, that was my favorite snack. When I was a little girl my

grandfather grew sugar cane and made his own syrup. He had

a maid who made the biggest and best biscuits. Our favorite snack

was to take one of her big biscuits and stick your  finger in the middle

 with sugar cane syrup. It was also good with sausage or ham

left over from breakfast. After each meal she would cover the

left over food with a table cloth. I still remember how good they tasted.


Interesting!  My grandfather made his own cane syrup, too.  My job, at six or seven years old, was to keep the mule moving around and around
to squeeze the cane stalks.  And, another job, that I came up with on my own, was to sample the juice as it was squeezed out.  I guess another job
was to get sick from drinking too much of the "rich" cane juice... :-)  My grandaddy and father wouldn't use any of the POJ(?) strain of cane.  They wanted
to have pure ribbon cane to make their syrup...Why?  I don't know...