THREE TALES

                                                                                                  By Herman Ratcliff

          In Memory of Bobby Wayne Goodwin who died June, 2007in San Antonio, TX.  of cancer


                                                                                                  By Herman Ratcliff

In the spring of '51 the bream were biting on Bistineau. Bobby Wayne, Charles Hennigan, Lonnie Wheeler (I believe) and I cut class and headed out. We rented 2 boats at One Legged Hortman's Camp and paddled to Byrd Island. Both boats had a good catch.
A couple of days later in Mr. Miles' Geometry Class, he was at the board proving ASS or was it ASA. Bobby Wayne at front of class, left side. I was also also at the front but on the right side. The two of us began pantoming our great catch, bait up, toss out, set hook, big fight and finally to the boat. During one of my big fights the class giggles and noises turned into a crescendo and turned Mr. Miles right in the middle of my struggle. "Out, Herman, and do not come  back until you can behave". I made two rounds of the building . Came back in sheepishly and sat down. I received no penalty.
Third, best of all---I watched Bobby Wayne two or three times at a basketball pick up. He  had unbelievable moves: jumps while twisting and turning, blind passing--blind shots,  cuts and moves.

But in the 50's this was called show - boating and not for the team. Same thing saw Dr. J and Michael Jordan held back till they turned pro.


                                                                                 Submitted by Herman Ratcliff, Class of 1953



                            BOBBY WAYNE LIVED IN OAK RIDGE

                                   Submitted By Ronnie Hennigan

Bobby Wayne lived across the street from us on Roosevelt Street in Oak Ridge. I don't know the relationship but there were two boys and a girl alsol a grandmother who lived there.  Their names were Cecil and Jerry Baldwin. The girls name was Margrett Ann. Their mother's name was Lois. Bobby Wayne was a super fast pitch softball pitcher. Cecil is deceased and I haven't heard from Jerry or Margaret since I left Oak Ridge. If anyone know Jerry and Margarets whereabouts I would like to hear from them.

                                                                                       Thanks, Ronnie, Class of 1961