By Nolan Bailey


The Bienville Parish Sheriff on the Bonnie and Clyde posse was my second cousin-Henderson

Jordan. His mother was Viola Bailey, my grandfather's sister. They lived in Arcadia.  Henderson's

father owned a horse and mule business right in the middle of the town. We used to "drive" a

wagon from near Bryceland to Arcadia on Saturday's, tie them up near the train depot, and walk

up the embankment to shop and "visit."  A lot of "whittling" and "lying" or "bull shooting" occurred

right there on the benches lining the there on the benches lining the sidewalk on the main street. :-)

Often, we would walk around the corner to spend an hour or two with Jim Jordan, and his mules.

When I was just a "grasshopper" I used to rummage through the drawers of my grandfather's

marble topped table. Once, I found several empty .45 caliber cases there. When I inquired as to

what they were, I was told that they were picked up at the site of Bonnie and Clyde's ambush

site. Wish I'd have "rescued" them long ago. The site was less than ten miles or so from my

granddaddy's home place.