Mr. Gust A. Kirkikis  standing behind the counter

       August 29, 1931

      The man behind the counter and two men in back are unknown.

When you mentioned Bonnie and Clyde eating, it reminds me of the story that my Dad

used to tell me when Bonnie and Clyde went to his restaurant in Minden and ate chili--with

their machine gun in a violin case in Bonnie's lap.  And, all the time they were eating their chili,

the Minden Chief of Police was sitting at the end of the counter reading the newspaper--and not

once did he lower the paper for them to see him!  After they left, my Dad ask the Chief why he did

 not arrest them, and the Chief said, "Got no reason to--they didn't do anything to me".


 (Note: The Minden Cafe also had rooms upstairs that they rented to Cotton Valley Oilfield Workers.)


 Compliments of Dr. Steve Kirkikis