The Minden Memories Event

 For May 5, 2006 Tour of the

 Bonnie and Clyde Museum and

 Dinner at the Gibsland Grill


After we toured the Bonne & Clyde Ambush Museum we had dinner at the Gibsland Grill

Our dinner guest included:

Jim Gritzbaugh is taking the picutres. He at dinner in the empty chair, to the right of him is

Earlene Mendenhall Lyle in the white blouse.

Myra Crownover Hasty in the pretty blouse  with pink and white colors in it.

Patsy Kleinnger Drake in the black and white shirt.

Charles "Bo" Drake in the black and white shirt.

Next is Billy Kidd's head.

Leverne Kidd in the white shirt.

Sue Richardson Kinsey in the red at the head of the table.

Linda Lee Mims Martin is seated in the middle of the top row.

Rob Martin is in the black and white shirt.

Dr. Steve Kirkikis has on the blue shirt.

Maria Kirkikis is seated next to Steve.

Drew Chreene is seated between Maria and Ann.

Ann Mays Harlan has on glasses and is wearing a peach colored blouse.

Wanda Monzingo Ballard has on a pretty pink and ivory colored jacked.

Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh is at the end of the table in the blue pant suit.

There were 16 of us.



Brochure - Compliments of L. J. "Boots" Hinton

Photographs by: Jim Gritzbaugh

Gathering at the Holiday Inn West in Minden

L-R, Dr. Steve Kirkikis, Maria Kirkikis, Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh, Wanda Monzingo Ballard,

Patsy Kleinegger Drake, Sue Richardson Kinsey, Myra Crownover Hasty, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle,

and Charles "Bo" Drake. Twelve of the sixteen joined us at the Bonnie and Clyde Museum

before dinner. The pictures will speak for themselves.

Sue Ann Richardson Kinsey

Jim Gritzbaugh (Photo courtesy of Dr. Steve Kirkikis)

Earlene Mendenhall and Boots Hinton

Dr. Steve Kirkikis and Boots Hinton

Dr. Kirkikis went to Tulane and received his BS in 1956 and MD in 1959.  May 2006 weekend,

he attended the 50th graduation from Tulane and received a 'second' BS degree at a combined

 ceremony Saturday morning.  Former Presidents Clinton and Bush were speakers, among others.

 He graduated from MHS in 1953.

Maria Kirkikis

 LeVerne Langheld Kidd 

Billy Kidd

Wanda Monzingo Ballard and Boots

Myra Crownover Hasty

Charles "Bo" Drake

Patsy Kleinegger Drake

Linda Mims Martin and Rob Martin in front of the Gibsland Grill

Ann Mays Harlan and Drew Chreene. Says Ann "This is one of my favorite places.

I use to eat here a lot.

 Lower Landing              and                     Reflections

The paintings were done by Wanda Monzingo Ballard (Class of 1952).

Pictured above are Wanda and Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh. (Class of 1955)

Wanda is a resident of Minden and is an award winning artist. Her

Tree of Knowledge prints can be purchased by e-mailing her at .  (We had just picked Wanda up to go 

the Bonnie and Clyde Museum and Gibsland Grill on May 6, 2006

when Jim, my husband, wanted to take our picture with the paintings.

She has other paintings you might like to see. You might like to attend her

next show.  


Thanks to Sue Kinsey and Boots Hinton for helping us host this event.