Campus Life  II

Continued from Memories - Campus Life  I

Submitted by Vera Wood(s) Weaver, Class of 1956

Jean Womack, Eleanor Smith, Joan Wiley and JoAnn Corbin

exchanging "girltalk" about 1950

All from the Class of 1952  

Can you identify these girls? L-R, Carolyn Melton, Sue Milner, Class of 1955, Bessie Manus, Class of 1954 and______?the football player is Jack Flowers.

Was this one the skits they did during a halftime football show probably in football season 1952___? 

Came across this picture that you sent me quiet a while ago.  Did you ever get any response about who the others in the picture are?  I sure don't recognize any of the  others.   Please let me know.  Would be great to know who the others were.   Kitty Sue Milner Strong, Class of 1954.


Can you identify these girls? L-R,  ____, Sue Milner, Class of 1955, Bessie Manus, Class of 1954 and __ ? Was this one the skits they did during a halftime football show probably in 1952? 

Yes, this would have been in 1953.  The first girl is Carolyn Melton of the 1953 class.  The last girl is quite familiar to me, but I cannot come up with her name.  Since there is a girl from 1953, 1954, and 1955, I assume the last girl is from 1956 -- MY class --, but I can't find her in the Grig.  The closest I can come is Mary Smith from the Class of 1958?   Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956

  Sherry, In the Campus Life ll, Carolyn Melton Woodard (class of 1953) is first on the left. I recognized Bess Maness Drake also, but do not know the others. Nan Hunter Castle, Class of 1953

    That's definitely Carolyn Melton on the Left and I think Judy Gleason on the right.  I think the football player in the background is Jack Flowers.  Charlie Hennigan

    Submitted by: Charlie Hennigan, Class of 1953

The fourth girl looks like, strictly a guess, Rose Rabb Hardy; however, she may be too young for this group since she was a Freshman in 1954. Also, I do recall that she was quite shy. She married Gay Hardy, class of 1955. Hope someone can identify her.

 Submitted by Carolyn Sale McDaniel, Class of 1954

Sherry, girl on rite may be Ann Machen. She moved to Minden, ?from Spring Hill? during her hi school years when her dad became associated with Parish School Board.   Keep steady with your rehab.

Herman Ratcliff, Class of 1953


Campus Life 55.30  David James, (56)and Jeralyn Shipp (55) Beat Behrman Week at MHS

1954-55 was the year MHS won so many championships that the Shreveport

Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956

Times wrote that Minden was the HOME OF CHAMPIONS.

Group 55.29 This is Wiley Cameron,  (57)Carla Faye Green (55)  and Jim Johnson.  (57) This is a typical Jim Johnson moment!

Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956


Identified by LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Class of 1957

Pants 55.28 This definitely is Marshal Boyd Salmon.  I remember this, but just don't remember whether it was a band stunt or something else.  I tend to think it was some other occasion.  I'm sure those pants belonged to her brother, who was quite a big boy.   Submitted by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956

Yes, that definitely looks like Marsha – but I have no idea what she’s doing, or why she’s dressed (or undressed!) the way she is.

I know it wasn’t any part of band though. The setting appears to be Hunter’s. Maybe it was a Halloween get-up she was wearing – with Clifton’s pants or something like that? I would think that Mr. Grambling’s labeling was just for his own purposes, to be able to sort through and find things. He took pictures of so many things that didn’t pertain to band in any way, and I’m thinking this may be one of those. Just happened to be a band member that he “captured.” Who knows! Hope LeVerne or Earlene will have better answers for you on this!

Linda Lee Mims Martin, Class of 1955

55.27 Singer Jeannine Mobley  (56) Jeralyn Ship (55) on the piano

Stairs 55.2 Photo by Bob Grambling, Submitted by Greg Grambling

L to R:  Pat Smith (1958), Bonnie White  ,  Alicia Morgan (1958), Betty Holcomb (1958)

 Identified by Linda White Moorehead

If you recognize the classmates, e-mail and tell us who they are. The photo was taken around 1955-56.

Stairs 55.1 Campus Life II, photo 55.1:  I think the girl is Betty June Tuggle (1958)

and Merrill Hair, Class of 1957 walking down the stairs

Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 1958

Photo by Bob Grambling...Submitted by Greg Grambling, Class of 1968

Com 1959 - Left to right: Patsy Slay,( Class of 1962)  Eugene Lowe, (1960) and

 Mary Elizabeth Richardson from the class of 1960

Identified by Jamie Mays Vance, Class of 1959

Com. 1959. Photo by Bob Grambling; submitted by Greg Grambling, Class of 1968

EC7 - Boy Waiting  - 1957  - Tommy Farrow, he now lives in Bethlehem, Pa..

Photo by Robert Grambling - Identified by Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 1958 & LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Class of 1957

Submitted by Greg Grambling

EC7  Notice the old cars - If you recognize any of the students, e-mail us and tell us who they are @

Be sure to mention Campus Life ...Photo EC-7 on

Photo by Robert Grambling

Submitted by Greg Grambling


Some Memories from Earl Cook's Box of Memories that were taken to be used for the Grig

but were not. Mrs. Cook gave them to Joyce Carey and she has passed them on to LeVerne Kidd.

 EC-6 is on page 77 of the 1956 Grig and identified as follows, piano students of Miss Willie Ponder,

                Mrs. Byrd Rankin, Mrs. R. T. Thompkins and Mrs. Bert David.

Back row: Paula Pearson, Caroline Robertson, Kay Cunningham, Linda Monzingo, Frankie Norman

                Elmer Wilson, Monette Grounds, Bettye Ann Liles, Phyllis Roberts, Hathia Searles, Bonnie

                White, Fred Burton

Second row: Mary Frances Gardner, Ralph Blake, Janie Simolke, Sandra Richardson, Jim Winford,

                Patricia Mullens, Sharon Russell, Linda White, Linda Sue King, Larry Scruggs.

Third row: Carol Ann Miller, Margaret Jones, David Bailey, Wanda Walker, Ruth Barnes, Gloria Roberts,

                Betty June Bryant, Yvonne Simmons, Barbara Baten, Joy Lambert, Wiley Cameron, Hallman


Front row: Anna Robinson, Dottie Day, Gloria West, Sharon Gay, Jerry Brazzel, Nancy Cox, Karis

               Robinson, Margaret Powell, Joan Andress, Mary Celeste Brown, Linda Cox.

Submitted by Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 1958


Photo EC6, the person on the top row, right end is Fred Burton, Class of 1958

There are some others that I recognize but do not remember their name.

Richard Thrash
Class 1958


Are these piano students?  I don't think they are choir members are they? This is one of the pictures Mrs. Earl Cook gave to Joyce Carey.

 It was very thoughtful of them to donate them Minden Memories website so all of us could enjoy them. If you can identify any of the students in

  LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Class of 1957


EC5 - ?, We Wish You A Merry Christmas - This appears to have been taken around 1954

I think I recognize Gracie Davidson second from left on the top row and 

Sarah Ruth Campbell second from left on the second row and Pat Wilson thrid from left on the front row. I see Libby Turner on the right end

of the front row.

RE picture EC5:  I think I see Sue Hearron on the 2nd row, next to last on the left.

Dottie Day Adcock


I was in the choir that year and I think on the back row on the right I am standing the third person. Two girls and me. Top picture.

I could be wrong but just that I’d let you know.??

 Sam Cheatham, Class of 1958

EC4  Larry Stanley, Vanita Lee and Jeannine Mobley this picture may have been taken when went to Allstate.

EC3- Girls are L-R, Trudy Brooks, Linda Lee Mims, Libby Turner, Jerry Shipp,

Boys...L-R,  James Lynn Ford, Sammy Maxey, and Rob Martin

This picture is the choir officers for 1954-55. (Actually it is in the Grig on the choir double-page spread.)

Linda Lee


Row 1, Jeralyn Shipp, playing the piano, ?, Barbara Russell(behind music stand), Margaret Ann Jones,Annette Luck, Norita White, Marilyn Ouzts, Linda Cox, Margaret Powell, Libby Turner, Becky Jones, ? 

Row 2, Trudy Brooks, Kay Cunningham, Carla Green, Jeannine Mobley, Dot Walker Nicholson, Sandra Richardson, Jeannette Woodard, Patsy Lowe

Row 3, Patsy Davis, Mary Winford, ?,  George Winford, Jim Winford, Rob Martin, Millard Perkins, Gene McDaniel, Lewis Ward (in glasses)

Back Row, ?, Wayne Lee, ?, Sammy Maxey, James Lynn Ford, Larry Miles, Carroll Gay Hardy, ?, ?, Robert Stephens, Lewis Ward

Identified by Earlene Mendenhal Lyle, Class of 1956  and Dottie Day Adcock, Class of 1957



EC3 A Capella Choir

EC1 - Submitted by Rowland Ivy, Class of 1952


Back Row: Stella Lowe, Shannon Jernigan, Jane Reeves, D. W. Bryan, Leonard Colvin, Kinsey Martin, William Dunn, Bobby Barnes, Will Garriss, Jo Ann Evans, Patsy Tinnell.

Third Row: Nell Gilbert, Patsy Carson, Mary Alice Jones, Georgene Winham, Mary Nell Wise, Floyd Pevy, Tim Carter, Norman Walker, Andrew Ritchie, Nellie Lunsford, Jean Sentell, Betty Jean Samuel.

Second Row: Joy Clifton, Faye Lowe, Barbara Heflin, James Hanson, Lamar Hinton, Billy Lumpkin, Samuel Cundiff, Jack Miles, Dana Davis, Sandra Gray.

Front Row: Keitha Clement, Jean Womack, Billie Jean Wilson, Jo Ann Corbin, Billy Gleason, Jimmie Dale Souter, Charles Toland, Gary Daniel, Charles Hennigan, Sue Stewart, Wanda Monzingo, Florene King.


Bess Hunter, Joy Clifton, Sally Ann Powell


William Dunn, Norman Walker, Sue Stewart, Stella Lowe

Earl Cooke at the piano

Miss Training Union - Photo by Robert Grambling taken around 1957/8

Baptist58  Miss Training Union has to be Carolyn Stamn (MHS grad about '60 or '61). She's the older sister of Leon'63 and Mary Margaret'66.  I can't remember the man's name, but he looks like I remember one of our ministers of education or music looking

Identified by Claire Turner Fussell, Class of 1965

That looks like David Evans with Carolyn Stamm, Miss Training Union, to me! 

Identified by Linda Holt Moorehead, Class of 1961 

Morning Watch II  -  This photo was taken in the new 1954 building. The students continued to meet every morning to pray before class. If any of you have a memory of "Morning Watch" you would like to share e-mail us.  Wasn't this a wonderful way to start the day?

If you recognize the students - e-mail us and tell us who they are.

CL-17  Old Car 58 - This looks a lot like my cousin, Lottie Langheld Harty,  Class of 1960....Identified by younger brother, Roy Langheld and cousin LeVerne Langheld Kidd Lottie played the Saxophone in the band.  I do not remember when, either in Lottie's  Jr or Sr year, the Alto Sax position opened up in the band.  The big Saxophone belonged to the school I suppose.  At any rate, they chose Lottie to play the Alto Sax.  The Alto Sax was big, heavy, and long and Lottie was short.  Also, it took a lot more lung power to play than the regular sax.  The Minden High Band was a marching band and they often marched for miles in the Louisiana heat and I remember some discussion on whether Lottie would be strong enough and have the endurance to march, carry, and play this instrument.  I don't know the details (contact Lottie for specifics) but they tried her out for the position.  She managed to do a great job with it and she played it until she graduated.  From my memory, females were not normally allowed or chosen to do this, so it was an honor for her to be chosen.   Lottie was a very good saxophone player and much to my disappointment, she sold her saxophone after graduation  and I doubt if she has picked up one since.   Roy

I know the boy on the left is Lorenz Funderburk (1959).   I'm not sure about the other two, but my guess is James Pitts and Lottie Langheld (1959).
Ann Mays Harlan

CL-16 W. W. Williams and Edward Kennon

CL15 W.W. Williams, Principal of Minden High School

CL14 - Library - Carla Faye Green, Alma Ray Langley and Beverly Tash all from the class of 1955

CL-13 Building a new football stadium - How many of you remember this gym walk?

Photo by Bob Grambling


CL11- On the right is Clark Anderson, class of 1955

Sherry, I am not 100% positive but the one on the left may be Buddy Crain {Music Director for Broadmoor Baptist - Shreveport prior to his death last year in 06?

Richard McComic

Photo by Bob Grambling


CL10 Sandra Pullig and Carla Faye Green, Class of 1955

Photo by Bob Grambling

CL-9 ( Norita White from the Class of 1955 was one of the readers at Morning Watch". Today, she is married to Donald Whitfield and resides in Shreveport, La.)

Photo by Bob Grambling

                                                                                          MORNING WATCH

CL-8  -MORE PRAYERS54 - Front Row L-R, Donald Gene Bradley, John Adcock and Graydon Kitchens; The guy in the far right background with the glasses is Daniel Wallace says Billy Kidd. Graydon thinks the tall boy in the back is Jackie Moreland.  The student leading the prayer is Judianne Braswell... and we both think this is in the old MHS auditorium. Looks as though they have curtains over the windows and you can clearly see part of the stage in the lower right of the picture.  Look behind the prayer leader... Seems I recall if you got to school earlier enough some would gather in the auditorium for prayer before class... I never seemed to get there early enough, even though the Lord knows I prayed myself through school many times... Today, Graydon is a retired Judge and lives in Minden, Louisiana. John married Dottie Day. He is deceased. Judianne lives in Longview, Texas. Jackie Moreland lives in Longview, Texas. Where is Daniel Wallace living? Does anyone ever hear from Donald Gene Bradley? Does anyone recognize any of the other students? I think that is Anita Harkness behind Jackie Moreland? Is it?

Leverne Langheld Kidd
Photo by Bob Grambling

Morning Dottie,  Yes, this is in the old high school auditorium.  You are also right in identifying Jackie Moreland.  This was called "Morning Watch"  and it was Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school.
Ray Adcock

 Thought you might like to see this. I remember you leading us  in the new auditorium. 
  Dottie Adcock

CL-7 -Girls Side - Notice how nice  the boys and girls looked in their suit coats, slack pants and pretty dresses. If you recognize anyone e-mail and tell us who they are.   I think I recognize  Joan Andress and Judy Barron next to the boy on

the right end in the dark colored suit. (Taken at Hunter's Playhouse)

Photo by Bob Grambling

CL-6 - Holding all the books, Wayne Parker and Ed Moreland ; Sitting down Doug McCrary and Catsy Harper

Identified by LeVerne Langheld Kidd & Ann Mays Harlan

CL-5 - Linda Cheatham, Betty Norwood (Class of 1955) and Sam Cheatham (Class of 1958)

C4 - Compliments of LeVerne Langheld Kidd

A few more ID's.  Back row, 3rd from Left is Raymond Lyons.  Raymond worked at the Minden Press for years. Back row, 5th from left, is Joe Roberts, died in 1953, He was in the class of '56.  In the obits there's no picture of him.  This one could be cut out and used there if one wished. Second row from back, 5th from the left, is Richard Yates. Second row from the front, 2nd from the left is Jeannine Mobley. Second row from the front, 3rd from the left is Betty Rhea. Most of the others are familiar, but the names escape me. Cleve

Is the second boy on the left Otto Krouse?

 CL 3- Quade Photography

Front Row:   Betty Faircloth, Mabel Evans,  Who are the others?

Second Row, ____, Jeannine Mobley, Betty Claire Rhea, Keitha Frazier, ???

Third Row, ___ Johnny Johnson and Tommy Culpepper behind Jeannine Mobley and Betty Rhea? Who are the others?

Fourth Row, ____ Joy Lynn Murphy, Edward Kennon____Richard Yates, Billy Kalpakis, Doyle Walker and  Paul Robinson             

Top Row: ____  Otto Krouse in the middle of the back row  but who are the others?                      

 Back Row: ____,____,3rd boy is Raymond Lyons. ___,____, 5th boy on the back row is Joe Roberts, ___  Doyle "Spud" Rhames,_____

This is only half the photograph. To see the complete photo go to Stories and look at

"Farming is not for me" by Doyle Walker.

Many thanks to Doyle, Jeannine Mobley Love, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Dottie Adcock, Cleve Taylor  and LeVerne Langheld Kidd for their in

identifying the people in the photograph. It has taken two years to find out who they are.

Sherry,   The second girl on the front row of the half picture is Mable Evans, a girl I loved  knowing.    Dottie A few more ID's.  Back row, 3rd from Left is Raymond Lyons.  Raymond worked at the Minden Press for years. Back row, 5th from left, is Joe Roberts, died in 1953, He was in the class of '56.  In the obits there's no picture of him.  This one could be cut out and used there if one wished. Second row from back, 5th from the left, is Richard Yates. Second row from the front, 2nd from the left is Jeannine Mobley. Second row from the front, 3rd from the left is Betty Rhea. Most of the others are familiar, but the names escape me. Cleve

One of those boys looks like Otto Krouse but I am not sure if it is him. Is it is him? Is it?

CL-2 -Cleve Taylor, Clifford Taylor, Bill Gardner and Lee Roy Taylor

Also, the picture of me, Lee Roy, Clifford, and Bill Gardner   It was taken at my Aunt's house (by Loretta Allen's mother)

Cleve has been married since 1961, with two really great daughters and two grand granddaughters.  He has been retired from the Public Health Service since 1994, but still live in Maryland to be near the granddaughters who live only 50 miles away in Leesburg, Va.  Many thanks to Cleve for sending 
this photo taken at Christmas 1952 of him, Clifford, Bill Gardner and Lee Roy.  He didn't have a picture of the four Taylor's together. He told us how Spot got his name?  He was at a football practice right after Coach Doherty arrived.  Coach Doherty, referring to Clifford's freckles, said something to the effect of, "Taylor, you've got so many freckles you're just one big spot".  From that day forward, Clifford was "Spot". 

Soon you will be reading Tide Talks and other memories he has shared with us.  Thank you Cleve. We hope to hear from you again soon.

Well I would not give up and I found this pix on the under Campus Life at MHS I see this is the Taylor brother, This does look more like  Bill Martin to me

CL1 - Campus 55 - Jeannine Mobley and Jack Moreland

photo by Robert Grambling

Tide Talk Banquet 55.5

Photo by Robert Grambling

This appears be a banquet held around 1954 or 1955; Looking at the camera,   I recognize on the left ?? Melba Weaver, Gracie Davidson, Beverly Tash, Becky Jones, ??  Sandra Owens, James Rhea Love,?,?,Mary Winford and others whose faces I cannot see. At the long table I think I see ?Louise Miller, Alma Langley  &Sue Milner at the head of the table, Are those faculty members at the other end of the table?

If you can identify any of the others...e-mail us at MindenMemories@AOL.COM Picture 55.5 - On the right is Jim Johnson and Ed Kennon.  As everyone knows Jim is/was a nephrologist at LSU and Ed is well, Ed.  Hope I am right this time.  Eve 

The next boy looks a lot like Don Bloxom, is that Dottie Day?, Ronald Miller, Gay Hardy, Sue Smith, Dimple Vice . Wish I could see the other faces well enough to identify them. The next girl looks a little like Peggy Woods.

Facing the camera with glasses on looking toward the that Dan Wigley and Cassie Taylor across from the faculty members?

Crowd 54 - Football (This was the year James McCabe was quarterback and Jerry Frasier was voted most valuable player)

Photo by Bob Grambling


 FTA GROUP 54, L-R, front Row, Llewellen Cook, James Lynn Ford, Caroline Roberts, Mrs. Baskerville, Mary Grace Gibbs, Sue Milner, Jeanette Woodard, Linda Cox; 

Row 2; Sally Powell, Sarah Ruth Campbell, Judianne Braswell, Barbara Russell, Cassandra "Cassy" Taylor" Dolores Webb, Jeannine Mobley, Melba Weaver and Gayle Palmer,

Row 3, Margaret Powell, ______,  Mary Winford, Trudy Ann Brooks, 

 Last Row, Becky Jones, Margaret Perritt, Rose Rabb, Carla Faye Green, Sandra Carson, Rebecca Campbell. 


Photo by Bob Grambling

 The person to the left of Ms. Baskerville is Caroline Roberts (not sure of the last name).  The one on the right is Ms. Baskerville is Mary Grace Gibbs. and the one directly behind her is Cassandra (Cassy) Taylor. The person to the right of Becky Jones is Margaret Perritt.   Turner Almond, Class of 1957