Dedicated To The Memory Of

                  Jewel Amazone Wood



             Jewel A. Wood Dulany, wife of Frenchy Dulany

                                      Mother of

                 Nell, Joyce, John, Jay and Tim Dulany

     Mama was Jewel (Jack) and, course Daddy was always
    know as Frenchy. Mama got her nickname Jack when she came to Minden from
   East Texas to finish high school in 1927-28. She was a tomboy. I'm sending
   you this picture of her in her Minden basketball uniform. She told this
   story to me. The girls didn't have uniforms and, of course, they wanted
   them. So she was elected to go to the principle Mr. J.E. Harper to see if
   there was any way to get the uniforms. She said that Mr. Harper said he'd
   buy them for the girls. I love this picture of Mama. She was 17 in 1927.

   Did you know that Cowboy Drake gave Daddy his nickname Frenchy. Daddy came
   to Minden in 1923. His daddy bought the house there on the corner of
   Goodwill and Marshall. Cowboy's family lived just down the street. They
   struck up a friendship and since Daddy was so dark, he became Frenchy. One
   of there other friends was Douglas Cheshire. I believe he lived on Goodwill

   I am so thankful for the time I spent with Mama and Daddy in their last
   years. They both told me some wonderful stories and I put most of them down
   and have shared them with the family.

                            Courtesy of Joyce Dulany Anderson


          Jewel Wood

     You asked who my dad's sister were - His half sister's were Maude Durrett
     married Ewel Robinson of Arcadia, LA. and Thelma Durrett never married. My
    grandmother May Bell Cathey was 1st married to Thomas Jefferson Durrett, III
    He was killed in a cotton mill accident just after Thelma was born. A
    year later his cousin came courting;My granddaddy Felix Crayton Dulany.
    They had Nell who married Clayton Rogers of Arcadia, Mary who married
    Herbert Braswell, Agnes married Travis Taylor, Claudine married Dwight
   Goodell of Jasper, Texas, Reba married Sly Bonacarso of New Orleans and
   Sybil married Bill Hughes of Minden. Daddy was the only son and he was
   between Nell and Mary. Mary is the only one living now. She lives in Mobil,

    Mama' s name was Jewel Amazone Wood. She was from San Augustine County
   Texas. What was her daddy's cotton field is now part of Sam Rayburn Lake.
   She told me that her parents sent her to Minden for better schools. Her
   Mother Adliza Thompson Wood was a school teacher and her daddy William
   Thomas Wood was a Forest Ranger and postmaster of a small community called
   Zana, Texas. She was just 16 when they sent her to board with a cousin of
  Grandmother's, Henry Stratton and his wife Ellen. You may remember Gerald
   Stratton, their son. We always called them Ma and Pa Stratton. They were
   like grandparents to us.

   Sherry, when you ask me these questions, memories just come rolling back. I
   could tell you other stories but I'm afraid you'll get tired of hearing
   them. After Mama finished school, she went to work for the telephone
   company. She and three other girls were boarding at the Stratton's. Mama said
   that they only had the one room and one double bed, so two girls worked days
   and two worked nights. When the two that was working days got home the other
   two went to work. That way they only needed the one bed. I get a big kick
   out of that story. Can't you just picture these four girls having a great
   time together. I have great pictures of Mama and some of these girls and the
   clothes are just wonderful. It was the late 20's and the styles were so

  Mama had a sister Addie Bell and a brother Ewell. Jewel and Ewell were just
  13 months apart and Addie Bell was six years younger. Addie Bell lived with
  Mama and Daddy after her divorce. I don't know if you remember Glenda Sue and Dianne Moore.

   Jewel Wood

  Compliments of Donald Lee Gardner and Dr. Charles Hennigan

If you can identify any of the people in the above picture, please e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.Com, or write to Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh,

4507 Verone Street, Bellaire, Texas 77401.


A group from the First Baptist Church of Minden pictured.  Joyce Dulany is the pretty little girl with the ribbon in her hair  fifth from the left end.

Jewel Wood's Sunday School Class in 1927


    In  this picture Jewel is in overall's and Lola in coat. They are standing in the middle of the
    of the Homer Road which is a dirt road in front of the Stratton home. This home was
    located just about two house up from where Golden Corral is or was now.
    Quite a change from now, huh? Now, I'm not sure where this house is in the
    third picture. It looks familiar but I can't place it. It is probably there
    on Broadway. This was the big snow of November 1929 and that is Jewel Wood
    in the picture.. The telephone girls walked to work from the Homer road and
    Mama said when this snow came, they had to walk in the ruts of where cars
     had passed. She said sometime the man who owned the taxi service would pick
   them up.

    I really don't know what year Mama graduated or if she did. I have a report
    card of hers that is dated October, 1928. I guess I always assume she
    graduated. Daddy did not go back to school after coming to Minden. He said
    his daddy tried to bribe him with a new car to go on to school and to
    college, but he got the job at the Coca-Cola Plant and liked having the
    money. From the pictures of him during that time and knowing him later
    myself, he probably spent his money on clothes. He loved nice clothes and
    most especially shoes. Now I know his younger sister's graduated from
    Minden. Sybil Dulany is in Class Favorites in MindenMemories.. She graduated
     in 1939 and was in Who Who as Best all around senior girl. Reba Dulany
    graduated in '37 or '38.

   And by-the-way, if you don't know which one is Howard Shurtleff, he is the
    2nd smallest picture from the top in the 1940's Who's Who. Also, Daddy only
    had 8 sisters and he was the only son. I saw where you said there were 12
   children. Just 9. Another thing, I don't remember my Aunt Agnes Taylor owning
    the Jewel Box. Maybe that was after I left Minden.

   Sherry, tell me when you get tired of these ramblings of mine. You know it
   is so good to remember all these things and remembering the stories Mama and
   Daddy told me. A lot of the things that were told to me was during the last
   years of their life. It was so special to be able to care for them.

    I have more pictures of later times. I'll get them sent later.  I have an
    8X10 photo of me standing in front of the 1st Baptist Church at age 2 or 3
    with other children and their Mama's. I can identify only a few. Maybe
      someone else will be able to identify some.

     Joyce Dulany Anderson !!!  (See also Dulany Memories under  Biography).

    Other children were Nell, the eldest, then Joyce, John, Jay, and Tim



 Coach and Mrs. George Doherty at the Prom If you enlarge the picture you can see

Mr. Grambling taking pictures on the other side of the room which confirms that this is  a Quade Photo.

On The left side of the picture is Jim Johnson talking to Carolyn Hall both class of 1957.

            Submitted by Roy Baggett

            Identified by Roy, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle and Greg Grambling

           If you recognize anyone else e-mail us at MindenMemories@AOL.COM

To the left of Coach and Mrs. Doherty are Mr.& Mrs. Fred Elzen--

   the speaker, who had obviously just said something very funny,

   Coach Joe Aillet from La Tech.

  Submitted by Roy G. Baggett


Mickey Watson and Bobby "Skeet" Wise

Mickey Watson, Betty Jean Davis, maybe Bessie Maness, Nellie Sapp, Carolyn Sale, Dolores Bright, Sara Ruth Campbell,      

Dana Davis, Rebecca Campbell, Claire Drake and ?

Claire Drake ?

From the Grig









262 Compliments of Archives & Special Collections

La. State Univ.-Shreveport One Univ. Pl. Shreveport, La. 71115-2399

PA2784 Minden High School, Home Economics Class

Miss Sanders, Teachers 












PA2784 Minden High School, Home Economics Class

Miss Sanders, Teachers 

 Compliments of Archives & Special Collections La. State Univ.-Shreveport One Univ. Pl. Shreveport, La. 71115-239










 1910 Building

                                         Club pictures


 Connie Perryman, Andrew Richie and Dondee Strickland



















513 Main Street

Minden, Louisiana 71055

What was this picture all about?









Carolyn Melton,  Sue Milner, Bessie Maness and ? (Carolyn, from the class of 1953) Bess from the class of 1954)

Sue from the class of 1955) Does anyone know who the other girl is? Jack Flowers class of ?

Our guess is  Jack Flowers is  the football player in the background         

 Eddie McCoy & date, Bob Lyle & Cora Lou Brown, Tommy Lewis & date

 Eddie (Class of 55) Bob, Cora Lou & Tommy from the class of 1953)

Submitted by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle


Susan Dietrich Rolfs, Anne Sanders Whittington, & Gail Balkom Lawrence.
Submitted by Larry Mays











Eve Baskerville, Mary Margaret Evans Fattel,

& Pam Hoefeld @ the Ole Miss majorettes' camp, ca. 1962.

Submitted by: Larry Mays










Brenda Rushing Farrar, Eve Baskerville, & Sylvia Holomon Norwood @

the Ole Miss majorettes' camp, ca. 1962.  They are hiding cigarettes behind their backs.

Submitted by Larry Mays









In the summer of 1961, the Teen Tone Choir of the First Baptist Church went to the

 New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary to perform & stayed in the seminary's dorms. 

Sylvia Holomon Norwood, Cheryl Miller Benit, & Sharon Lewis Johnston.

Submitted by Larry Mays











Steve Maddry, Richard Campbell, Tommy Collums, Mike O'Rear, Cindy Williams Brewer, &

Mike Brewer @ Hunter's Playhouse, 1963.

  Submitted by Larry Mays














          "IT'S YOURS GRACIE" Gracie Davidson & Jonathan Aarons 1953/54

           Submitted by Greg Grambling










Cleve Taylor, Clifford Taylor, Bill Gardner and Lee Roy Taylor

Also, the picture of me, Lee Roy, Clifford, and Bill Gardner   It was taken at my Aunt's house (by Loretta Allen's mother)

Cleve has been married since 1961, with two really great daughters and two grand granddaughters.  He has been retired from the Public Health Service since 1994, but still live in Maryland to be near the granddaughters who live only 50 miles away in Leesburg, Va.  Many thanks to Cleve for sending 
this photo taken at Christmas 1952 of him, Clifford, Bill Gardner and Lee Roy.  He didn't have a picture of the four Taylor's together.
He told us how Spot got his name?  He was at a football practice right after Coach Doherty arrived.  Coach Doherty, referring to Clifford's freckles, said something to the effect of, "Taylor, you've got so many freckles you're just one big spot".  From that day forward, Clifford was "Spot". 

Soon you will be reading Tide Talks and other memories he has shared with us.  Thank you Cleve. We hope to hear from you again soon.











Tops in Talent show ca. 1960.  They sang an Everly Brothers song & got an encore! 

 Cheryl Miller Benit, Eve Baskerville, Anne Sanders Whittington, & Waynette Farrington Sharon.

  Submitted by Larry Mays photo compliments of Waynette Farrington Sharon


























 Patsy Elkins, John Adcock, Lynwood Smelser, W. W. Williams & Ann Machen


Linda Cheatham, Betty Norwood (Class of 1955) and Sam Cheatham (Class of 1958)













If you like this picture...See the  picture under Farming is Not for meunder Stories by Doyle Walker which shows more students.

Photo compliments of John Quade, owner of Quade Photography

Front Row:   Betty Faircloth, Mabel Evans,  Who are the others?

Second Row, ____, Jeannine Mobley, Betty Claire Rhea, Keitha Frazier, ???

Third Row, ___ Johnny Johnson and Tommy Culpepper behind Jeannine Mobley and Betty Rhea? Who are the others?

Fourth Row, ____ Joy Lynn Murphy, Edward Kennon____Richard Yates, Billy Kalpakis, Doyle Walker & Paul Robinson             

Top Row: ____  Otto Krouse in the middle of the back row  but who are the others?                      

 Back Row: ____,____,3rd boy is Raymond Lyons. ___,____, 5th boy on the back row is Joe Roberts, ___  Doyle "Spud" Rhames,_____

This is only half the photograph. To see the complete photo go to Stories and look at "Farming Is Not" For Me by Doyle Walker.

Many thanks to Doyle, Jeannine Mobley Love, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Dottie Adcock, Cleve Taylor  and LeVerne Langheld Kidd for their indentifying the people in the photograph. It has taken two years to find out who they are.

The second girl on the front row of the half picture is Mable Evans, a girl I loved  knowing.   From...Dottie Day Adcock











   Stan Belton - Band trip of some Kind

  Stubmitted by Larry Mays - Photo compliment of Waynette Farrington Sharon



 Gladdy Lou Melton & Peggy Whaley McLendon -

7th grade day at Caney Lake, 1959

 Submitted by Larry Mays  Photo  - Waynette  compliments of Farrington Sharon










      Class of '64 First Baptist girls:  Sharon Lewis Johnston, Mary Linda Woods Kacenjar,

       Celia Jones, Peggy Whaley McClendon, Waynette Farrington Sharon, Jann Aldredge Clanton,

        & Sylvia Holomon Norwood.

         Submitted by Larry Mays  -  Photo  compliments of  Waynettte Farrington Sharon








The Aquacade 1961 picture is Diana Nation, Eve Baskerville, Waynette Farrington Sharon, Susan Dietrich Rolfs,

Betty Wylie  ('61), & Anne Sanders Whittington.

 Compliments of Larry mays

Photo  compliments of Waynette Farrington Sharon





               Marsha Phillips, Sherry Lynn McCabe, & Glenda Grower Riles, probably State Fair Weekend.
                Submitted by Larry Mays,  photo compliments of of Waynette Farrington Sharon










                 Marilyn Brown Lowe, Mona Myrick Elkins, Nona Watts Sale, Anna Roberts Welles, & Waynette

                Farrington Sharon on the playground @ E. S. Richardson, ca. 1956.

                 Compliments of Larry Mays, photo compliments of Waynette Farrington Sharon













              Class of 1951 Jr. - Sr. Banquet Submitted by Joyce Dulany Anderson

       Left to right next to wall:  Joyce Dulany, Marianne Colvin, Norma Warren, Gene Pugh, ?, Coach Oliphant,

Nell Gilbert  Coach, Kirtley Miles, Barbara Heflin, Royce Gresham, and others will have to be named by someone

else. Rene Pugh, Rolene Byars, ?, ?, George Moore, ? and others will have to be named by someone else.

Photo compliments of Joyce Dulany
















       This was the campus behind the 1910 building. It would appear this was a grade

       school class from the forties. The teacher may have been leading them below the

        terrace to play.


















   Can you identify these students in Miss Shealy's class? Submitted by John Quade

Linda Cox - 1955 Basketball Sweetheart hands the ball to Captain James McCabe.

    From the 1955 Grig. She was the first ever ever chosen.

















 Camille Ivy, possibly in 1957- 58 school year Photo taken by Bob Grambling


 1958-1959 school year -  (1959 grig) Cecile Searles Basketball Sweetheart from the Grig

     Continued to Campus Life II











Sweetheart in 1959.  Co-captains of the 1958-59 football team were Leonard Miller and Sammy Odom.