LARRY HUNTER ...WWI


                                                    1918 - Carroll, William S. and Larry Hunter WWI

George Carroll Hunter born 24 November 1890 died in Paris, France 25 December 1918 son of William S. and Bessie; his death in Paris was precipitated by flu, but family members say he was injured and that he was buried there. George himself said that the French girls would not let the American GIs leave until they had kissed all the girls.


                                                                         William Samuel Hunter - WWI

 William Samuel Hunter was born 17 November 1853 died 18 November 1919 in Minden, La. He was twice married. First to Bessie Carroll and second to Love Dyer. Monuments are in the Minden City Cemetery in Section A Southeast.


Larry Hunter was born 20 March 1896 died 06 February, 1971 son of Bessie Carroll and W. H. Hunter of Minden, La. He was married only one time to Gladys Powell. Their monuments are in Section A. of the Minden City Cemetery.