Clinton "Cat" Parker

Clinton “Cat” Parker---married to Faye Pitre Parker---parents of two sons,
Dwight (died of polio) buried in Minden Cemetery
Clinton Parker, Jr…. lived in NewYork…
The Parkers lived on the Sibley Road next to the Nations when I took piano lessons from Mrs. Parker…my mother remembers that
Cat was also very musically inclined…. He played in the band and was an associate
director… in the late 1930’s he played every Friday in the town ‘square’ in the little
round building. My dad, PC, and Cat fished together as often as possible…both had a love of that sport…..
Cat and my grandfather, Clarence H. Sparrow worked in the roundhouse in the L&A yard… they were boilermakers… Clarence worked from 1926-1952 when he had to retire because of ill health… he and his wife(my grandmother) moved to Shreveport to be near
His doctors and hospital… Clarence died in 1957 and is buried in Minden
Effie later sold the home in Shreveport and moved to Alexandria near her daughter
Christine Sparrow Miller and Percy Miller and Effie’s sister, Thelma A. Kirkley..
Percy Clinton was born aug. 7,1920 died July 21, 1983, and is buried in minden cem…
Effie lived to be 98… she died Jan 1, 2001… and is buried next to Clarence
Percy Clinton miller, Jr worked as a boilermaker apprentice from 1941 – 1945 , went to work for the rock quarry in winnfield until 1947, moved back to Minden… became a
Fireman for the L&A from 48-53… ‘running’ the passenger train from Shreveport to
Hope Arkansas….He became an engineer in 1953…. Was sent to New Orleans to work
The extra board…. (this is why we moved to NO in the fall of 1956)… one of his spookiest runs, was over the old Miss. River bridge in baton rouge.. he said when he looked out of his engineer’s windown, all you could see was the river straight down .. as if you was on top of the water and there was nothing between.. that RR bridge was and still is very steep, beginning long before the vehicle bridge…. they later moved back to
Shreveport in 1958… and to Alexandria in 19____. I stayed after graduating from HS in new Orleans, attended college, married and still live in the deep south.

 Enjoyed reading the memories about the old L&A/KCS.
I printed it and gave it to my mother, Christine
Sparrow Miller. It really 'sparked' memories of
her own. I thought I would share what she gave to
me of her recollections of railroad days gone by.
I have many pictures too, which will follow later.

Submitted by Carolyn Miller LeBlanc



PARKER, Clinton (Cat)
16 Mar 1899 - 10 May 1972

Parker, Roy Dwight 22 Nov. 1926 - 3 Apr. 1955


Sparrow Plot

14 Nov. 1902- 1 Jan. 2001

SPARROW, Clarence Hubert
29 APR 1903 - 29 Nov. 1957

MILLER, Jessie L.
7 May 1932 - 3 Aug. 1985

5 Apr 1921- Blank

MILLER, Percy Clinton
7 Aug 1920 - 21 Jul 1983