April, 2009

Our thanks to Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 56,  for sending us these pictures taken at the 1953 Country Kitchen in April.

                                                              Submitted by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956


The MHS Class of 1953 had a get-together this weekend, and I'll be sending you some pictures to post to the MM web site.  You know, it's amazing to hear how many people we have watching this site and waiting for pictures to be posted to the site.  As soon as I started taking pictures, I was being asked if we were going to put the pictures on the internet so they could see them, and I assured them I'd be sending them to you to post on MM.

We really enjoyed this 1953 group meeting; everyone was SO talkative and friendly.  We ate at Country Kitchen, and it has REALLY improved since the last time we were there.  The food was just wonderful, even though it was just plain, country cooking.



Peggy Wise Jones and Carolyn Merritt Barnette

This is Rita Barron Holley, Wayne's "little sister". (Class of 1958)

Sue Tatum Bryant and (Trudy Brooks Bishop,Class of 1955)

Geraldine Cottrell, Gloria Pearson Wiley, Jane Grubbs Pace and Rebecca Campbell Marvin

Gloria Pearson Wiley and Jane Grubbs Pace

Peggy Almond Nelson, Cora Lou Brown Robinson, and (Peggy Wise Jones, Class of 1952, ) 

That camera date is WRONG!   Picture was taken tonight.4-19-09

Kathleen Hortman Bryan and Shirley Dunn Batres

Shirley Dunn Batres and husband, Joe Batres, Carolyn Merritt Barnette, and

Trudy Brooks Bishop, Class of 1955.

Jimmy Barnette

Rebecca Campbell Marvin, Cora Lou Brown Robinson, Peggy Almond Nelson   

Rebecca Campbell Marvin and Wayne Barron

Sue Tatum, Maria and Steve Kirkikis, James Bishop, and Bob Lyle

Cora Lou Brown Robinson and Jane Grubs Pace

The man in the background is Joe Batres, husband of Shirley Dunn Batres. 

Bob Lyle and James Bishop

Nan Hunter Castle

Jimmy Barnette, Carolyn Merritt Barnette, Shirley Dunn Batres, Wayne Barron, Richard Baker,

Gloria Pearson Wiley and Geraldine Cottrell.