Cleve W. Taylor, U S ARMY

49th Med. Batallion

1st AD at Ft. Hood for 2 Years Nov. 1961-63

Graduate of MHS, 1956

Third son of Onnie L. and Floy Bell Taylor

To round out our military experience,  LeeRoy, Class of 1954 was drafted into the army, but the football injury he had sustained at the University of Arkansas acted up again and he was sent home shortly after basic camp.

As for me, I was drafted in Nov. '61 and served as a clinical psychology specialist with the 49th Med.Batallion in the 1st AD at Ft Hood for two years.  (Before you ask, I don't have a picture of me in uniform.)  We were sent to Ft Stewart, GA ready to invade Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, but I saw no action except as a member of the 1st AD Chorus and as a cast member in a couple of plays.

Raymond got his draft notice, but when he was in line for his physical, he and all other married men were pulled out of line and sent home...married men had just got exempted.


(See Clifford L. Taylor, Class of 1955 US NAVY) The second son of Onnie L. and Floy Bell Taylor to read his information.)

Response to Cleve Taylor
I remember when Pres. Kennedy exempted all married men during the Cuban Missel Crisis I was working at LAAP at the time . When Kennedy got assinated Pres. Johnson lifted that exemption and I went back to 1A draft ststus. He then said all married with children were exempt and " WALLA" my wife and I had triplets. Guess what , no war for me ,I respect all of our service men and women that did serve.
Ronnie hennigan  class 61