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 Many thanks to Ben Hunter and his family for allowing us to copy this data.
Cindy Pons spent quite a few hours at the museum taking pictures.  Ann Harlan also took pictures while she was there.

Thanks to Jim Gritzbaugh and Ann Harlan for all the hours spent at the copy machine. You are appreciated. 

Thank you Office Max for the use of your machines.


                                                                      COCA-COLA MUSEUM


                               Photo by Ann Harlan



                               Photo by Ann Harlan

                                                       View of 400 Block of Pine Street in the early 1900's



                                     The Little Playhouse is on the left of the W. S. Hunter Home



               The clock was given to W.S. Hunter when he stopped working for Western Union around 1901.



                                                                           Larry & Gladys Hunter





                 Ben Hunter photo by Ann Harlan








                                                    These Photographs were made by Cindy Pons


                                                              Ben Hunter's desk


                                                  Portrait of Larry Hunter in the background


                                              Portrait of Mrs. Gladys Hunter in the background


                                                               Larry Hunter's desk



                                                              Larry Hunter's typewriter


         Ben Hunter
















                                Mr. W.S. Hunter's clock he received when he retired from Western Union



                                                                                     Jess Robertson


                                                                              Florene Hunter Robertson


                            Mrs. Gladys Hunter holding Nan, Sam, Joe, Mr. Hunter holding Bess, Bill standing behind Ben



                                                                               The Hunter Family

                            L-R, Nan, Joel Gearhart, Ben, Gladys, Bill, Bess, 

                            Front Larry, Polly, David in the stroller and Joe



Minden Crimson Tide Football Player #36 is Kenneth Beck  - To the right is Gayle Wise





Minden Crimson Tide Football Player #36 is Kenneth Beck  - To the right is Gayle Wise













COCA-COLA IS COMMITTED TO COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT                                                                                                                                                                     Minden Press-Herald - February 29, 1996














                                                        Lee Theuino & Ben Hunter

                                         COCA COLA - THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES















  Wayne Farrington receives and award from Larry Hunter for x number of years of service.

 The picture was originally submitted to the Minden Memories site by Greg Grambling.

 The photograph was from the Bob Grambling collection.




                             Front Front Row: Larry Hunter, Polly, Baby Hunter and Joe Hunter


                                                         Buster, Larry and Gladys Hunter



                                                Ben Hunter and the car he drove for fourteen years!

  Bess Hunter was drum majorette in high school

  Nan Hunter Castle

  with her puppets

   May 11, 2004, The family and

      Coca-Cola still making a difference!


     Around Minden June 23, 2004 Don Hunter CEO holds bucket for Shani Lee right, Chamber of Commerce Chairman as she draws

    a name from the bucket.