+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 29 is Jeffery Chapman, son of June Bryant, class of '58, and Don Chapman.  The children and I were living with my parents in the McIntyre community west of Minden from Jul '65 to Jul '66 while Don was in Viet Nam with the Air Force, and Jeff attended nursery school.   Thanks June Bryant Chapman, Class of 1958

Director...Mrs. Lenora Hartsfield Colvin, wife of Leonard Colvin, Sr.  was a sister to Rev. L. K. Hartsfield, the first preacher of Parkway Baptist Church. The Little Red School House was next to their home on the Lewisville Road. It was a kindergarten in the 1960's. They were the parents of Leonard Colvin, Jr who married Peggy Shropshire, Mary Ann Colvin who married Gerald F. Cannerday, and Nora Jane Colvin.

Mrs Colvin had another son---Grover Colvin--graduated with me in 1960

Submitted by: Mary Richardson Bevill

  1. ?    2. Billy Baldwin  3. Carlos Martin (maybe)  4. ?  5. Peggy Miller (maybe) 6. Kent Brown (Buddy & Patsy Brown's son.)   7. Janet Clemons   8. Jeffery Pevy (son of  '57class mate Andrew Pevy's son)    9. Keith Ryan   10. ?  11. ?   12. ?  13. Devin Davis   14, Gary Garcin (son of Patsy Smith and Ken Garcin)   15. ?   16. ?   17. Michelle Benit   18. James Herrington    19. David Lee    20. Lynn Hilburn  (daugher of Pat Brown class of '58 & Wilburn Hilburn)  21. ?   22. Leisa Henagan  daughter of Yvonne Brown class of '56 & George Henagan.   23. Jeff Reynolds   24. Jerry Wayne Bridges   25. Sharon Youngblood  (daugher of Bobby Youngblood & ?)  26. *Randy Toland (son of Kathy Walden and Charles Toland) died from Cancer on September 8, 1987, in Austin, Texas. 27. ? ( not on this picture, too far off to scan) 28. David Hamm died Oct. 28, 1982 29. Jeffery Chapman   30. Michael Gray   31. Keith Wiley 32. Wesely Pixley (son of LaVerne Plxley Lee & ?) 33.  Suzan Jones 34.  ? 35.  ? 36.  ? 37.  ? 38. Marilyn Sandell 39. Terri Moorehead Culpepper - daughter of Pat Smith class of 58 and Bobby Moorehead class of 54 40. Robert Lang Kidd (son of Billy '54 & LeVerne Langheld Kidd '54) 41. Jay Gillespie 42. Timothy Williams 43. Susan Stahl  (daughter of Georgia Gibbs and Don Stahl) 44. Larry Bamburg 45.  ? 46. Mrs. Lenora Hartsfield Colvin 47. ?

If you can name any of the other children...e-mail and tell us who they are.

The Little Red School House.


*Randy Toland was #26.  He was the son of Charles Toland and Kathy Walden.  He died from Cancer on September 8, 1987, in Austin, Texas.  He was survived by Shirley Toland, his wife, his parents, sister Kim Tamez, adopted sister Carmen Wusterhausen and brother Robby Toland.

 Submitted by Kathy Walden  Wusterhausen

     The first chapter in my book that I co-edited reflects upon my time at the Little Red Schoolhouse. I fondly remember Mrs. Colvin. She embodied all that teaching is and should be. If anyone is interested, the book is High-Stakes Teaching: Practices that Improve Student Learning. I thought it important to remember one that truly did practice teaching in a way that improved all of her students' ability to learn - even though she was years ahead of the focus of No Child Left Behind.

Dr. Terri Hebert
Assistant Professor
Department of Teaching, Learning, and Technology
University of Central Arkansas

There is a photo on the Minden Memories site of Mrs. Colvin's 65-66 class. The photo's I sent are Christmas & Halloween picturess from the same class. My Name is Michael Gray,
August 6th.  I attended Minden High School thru 1976 and then transferred to Bossier Academy in Haughton where I graduated.
I enjoy the website and always check back from time to time to see if there is anything new.
Minden is a great town full of wonderful memories.
Michael D. Gray

Halloween 1965

Christmas 1965







                                                 Mrs. L. C. Colvin, Director

                                       The Little Red School House Kindergarten

                                                                    Minden, Louisiana






Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Class of 1957

Leisa Lazarus is a daughter of Gail Hanche and the late Braden Lazarus.

Scotty Perryman is a son of the late Levine "Lou" Day and Connie Mack Perryman, Class of 1952

Submitted by Ronnie Hennigan, father of triplets, Todd, Tim and Tracy  

Todd, Tim and Tracy were the only triplets known to us to attend MHS.