Corene and Stoney's

Memories Include The

Minden Skating Rink


The skating rink was located on the Sibley Road near the King home. Sometimes church groups would have parties there. Many of Minden's young people went there on a regular basis.  It was one of those places where boys and girls could could get together without actually being on a date. Some of the skater's were quite good , especially Corene and Stoney.  They could have been Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers on a dance floor. They were awesome.


Here they are on their 50th anniversary

Mr. & Mrs. Irwin " Stoney" Ingalls

This picture was taken by their granddaughter.

Corene and Stoney could have been Olympic Skaters

This skating rink is now a funeral home

Corene and Stoney now call Texas home

Corene King Ingalls

The lady with a heart of gold

Waiting for MacArthur
The Steven Stoli Playhouse
   A WWII drama about the heroism of a young Army nurse stationed on the Pacific island of Corregidor. The drama unfolds as she corresponds with her mother, her best friend and a favorite school teacher from back home. The play captures in vivid detail the hopes, sacrifices and patriotism shared by Americans of this era. At the end of the play, you will be full of pride and thanks for a generation of Americans who did their best and also save a world. This play appeals to women and men alike. 2000-01 Globe Award winner for Best Drama, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Sound Design and Best Lighting Design
Starring: Sandy Schwartz, Sarah Coyle, Jonna Rosas and Elizabeth Ingalls

   Elizabeth Ingalls also has a successful modeling career

   San Antonio Woman Magazine