BY Art Miller

Dan & Jane Pace were my neighbors on Buchanan and my barber until I moved to Dallas.
That was a neat barber shop. On the front window base of the barber shop, they had these large nails hammered into the wood. They had attached wires to the bottom of the nails that were run to a high voltage neon sign power supply in the cabinet by one of the fellow barbers. They would hit the switch and send folks jumping in the air when they sat on that board with those big nails in it.

                         EARLY MEMORY OF PACE BARBER SHOP

By Carolyn Sale McDaniel

Some of my early childhood memories are of my daddy getting his haircut by Dan Pace, Sr.  The cool black and white tile floor and the wonderful, clean smell from the shaving lotion it still vivid in my mind.  Later, when my son (now 48 years old) was a toddler, Dan Pace, Jr. gave him his first haircut, as he passed from his infancy into boyhood by cutting those locks into a "little man haircut".  The red and white barber pole still advertises the barber shop, today, many years later.  Wonderful memories.
Carolyn Sale McDaniel - Class of l954

                                LOCATION OF DAN PACE BARBER SHOP

By Art Miller

Next to Fort's News Stand, North side of downtown, second store on 
the right. After you passed REX Theater. The Minden Hospital was out 
the back. door