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Frankie and Johnny 022

Nelly Bly - Ellen Baskerville , Johnny - Don Holt Frankie,  - Patsy Kleinneger

Frankie and Johnny 024

Frankie & Johnnie022 Variety Show - 1962
Frankie & Johnnie024 Variety Show - 1962
Since you mentioned Don Holt in your email yesterday (I'm so glad he is
doing well), I thought I would send these on.  He is a man of many talents!
Here he is showing his acting ability in a skit we did in the 1962 Variety
Show.  We are acting out that old tale of Frankie and Johnnie played by
Patsy Kleineggar and Don Holt.  I play Nellie Bly.  My talents consisted of
falling off Don's lap with a surprised look on my face as Patsy, er uh,
Frankie pulls her old 44.  It was great fun!  Unfortunately, my being
"half-naked sitting on a man's lap" scandalized a certain kindergarten
teacher who spoke to Mama about it!  Mama and I had a good laugh later!

I hope Don and Patsy get to see these photos and that they bring back fun


PS - I don't remember who the bartender or "bar fly" is.

These photos are of a dance group during the 50's & 60's.  Nancy Cox was our
teacher, and we danced in many events including the Saturday afternoon live
television program, "Teen Time."  It was on KSLA, Channel 12, and the
sponsor was Borden's.  After we danced, the camera would zoom in on us
sitting at tables enjoying Borden's Ice Cream while someone gave a
commercial.  I loved the chorus line.  We were so fortunate to have Nanette
Cox and Nancy provide the opportunity for so many of us to take dancing and
perform.  I began when I was 11 or 12 taking ballroom dancing with the kids
in my class - boys and girls alike - upstairs over Carl Gardner's drug store
(I can't remember the name of the store right now - maybe City Drug) on Main
Street.  From there I took Modern Jazz and danced in the chorus line.

photo that you already have on MindenMemories under Entertainment and close
to Bill Cook's photo is a mystery to me.  I would love to know where it was
taken and who we were entertaining. 

If anyone has any information e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM and we will post it under both pages.   

Dancers A   Kettle Rock    Miss Minden Follies 1958
Dancers B Minstrel
Dancers D 1960-62
Final Chorus Line 1962 Variety Show
TeenTimers003 1957-58


                                        Dancers a Kettle Rock Rock Minden Follies 1958

                            Dancers A: The performance was called “Kettle Rock” performed in the Miss Minden Follies in 1958. 

                            L to R: Ellen Baskerville, Patsy Sullivan and Patsy Kleineggar.


                    Teen Time 003-1957-1958 - If you can identify the dancers e-mail us and mention Teen Time 003 1957-58.

                           Teen Timers 003: 1957-58: L to R:  Ellen Baskerville, Mary Elizabeth Richardson, Ann Frazier, Barbara Haley, Bonnie Walker and   Patsy Sullivan


  My Final Chorus Line:  1962 Variety Show:  L to R:  Marshia Melton, Cindy Lou Williams, Lou Baird, Jeri Ouzts, Barbara Garling, Waynette Farrington, Judy Hamner, Ellen Baskerville, Ginger Walker, and *Nancy Miller.  

(It was a new chorus line – students from the1964 graduating class.  I was the only one left of that first group and I graduated soon after.  I am sure Waynette can help you with the other names.)

Identified by Eve Baskerville

The last girl is not Nancy Miller, but a girl from Haughton named *Anne Holley. She took dancing with us at Nanette's for years. I don't think Nancy Miller ever took dancing with us.

 Identified by Waynette Sharon


               Dancers 1960-62 If you can identify the dancers e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM & mention Dancers 1960-62

                        Dancers D: 1960-62:  L to R: Dawn Glass, Mary Elizabeth Richardson, Barbara Haley, Ellen Baskerville, Patsy Sullivan, and Ann Frazier.


        Dancers B Minstrel - If you can identify the dancers - e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM & mention Dancers B Minstrel.

       Variety Show:  L to R:  Dawn Glass, Patsy Kleineggar, Bonnie Walker, Mary Elizabeth Richardson, Ellen Baskerville, Patsy Sullivan and Ann Frazier.    


            Members of The Minden Tidette Swimming Team Will Demonstrate Their Swimming Ability


                          Ready to Participate in the Junior Service League "Frolics"


                  Can someone tell us where this photograph was taken? If so, email MindenMemories@AOL.COM 

                                                       FROM THE CLASS OF 1960-1961

  Performers from L-R: 1, Ellen Baskerville, 2. Dawn Glass, 3.  Ann Frazier, 4.   Bonnie Walker,  5. Barbara Haley, 6. Patsy Sullivan and 7. Patsy Kleinegger.  That is Lorenz Funderburk and Donny Fritz on each side of Barbara Haley, Donny looking down.  Marsha Hoefeld is looking over Donny's shoulder with a scarf on her head.    It looks like one of the Batton boys behind Bonnie Walker. 

 Can someone tell us where this photograph was taken? If so, email MindenMemories@AOL.COM 

  Patsy Kleinneger said they were taken in an auditorium.




In regard to the Dancer picture under Memories at the org site, after Linda mentioned that the dancer in question was Ann Frazier, I looked long and hard and realized that the shadows on both sides of her head were distracting me and that Mary Ann had danced with us only in the Follies that I can remember.  I also began to see Ann in the picture and wrote to her.  She corroborated Linda’s identification but, like me, she cannot remember anything about the picture.  So, I’m thinking we should change the name to Ann Frazier.  (l still wish I knew where it was…) J




Maybe someone will read your  message and write and tell us!!!