Contributed by Joan Wiley Luck Minden High School, class of 1952

Daughter of Clarence D. and Frances Waller Wiley James

Parents of: Nina and Joan Wiley

Clarence D. also married Sarah Frances Brown

parents and were the parents of:

William Benjamin, Amy Claire and Suzanne Wiley

I think that's the fountain that used to be in the park where the courthouse is now and I think that's my grandmother Wiley's house in the background... the small white house to the left is, I think, an outbuilding that stood behind  Dr. Smith's house, on the west side of my grandmothers.  I don't know who the little boys/girls are... this may have been after 1933 since I don't see the big trees in front of the Wiley house that came down in the 33 tornado.  I would guess this to have been in the early 40's or even late 30's.  I may not be right but that's what it looks like to me... Joan 
There was a really heavy snow about 1936... this may have been then. Joan Wiley Luck


The Wiley Family

Joan Wiley (13-14 years old), her sister Nina Wiley holding their half brother Bill, their Grandmother Wiley in the back and step-mother Frances Wiley.

Clarence D. Wiley was the son of :

Nina Sugg Wiley  1886 - 1973


William Benjamin ( W. B.) Wiley

1875 - 1938

Parents of Nina Wiley Mowry born 15 May 1904 died 8 Mar. 1972 md. Harold M. Mowry

William B. Wiley Jr. born 29 Nov. 1907 died 3 Oct. 1989

Frances Pessoney Wiley born 4 Oct. 1910 died 12 Dec. 1967

Ben Wiley Jewelry in Minden City Drug Store. Ben is behind the counter. If you recognize

his two customers e-mail us and tell us who they are at MindenMemories@AOL.COM

The "little boy" in front of the old Wiley Home on Union St. is actually my aunt, dad was not born...

My Uncle Ben, is in the carriage on the front porch.

Submitted by Joan Wiley.

This is the Ben Wiley home located at 307 South Broadway in Minden. It was built shortly after the civil war.

Roy Miller Inabnett standing at her parents front gate

looking across park at the Wiley home.

The picture of my grandfather and the 3 children on the stile at the cemetery is at the Pratt/Sugg site...

 the big trees came down in the 33 tornado, along with most of the wrought iron fence and the stile.

W. B. Wiley, Nina Vance Wiley, Ben Jr., C. D. Wiley at the Cemetery

Ben Wiley and daughter Nina

 The picture (old picture) of my grandfather, Ben Wiley and his daughter,

Nina, was taken at West Point, when they went to visit my uncle, Ben, Jr....

Nina Sugg Wiley

W. B. Wiley - West Point 1920s

W. D. Wiley - 1920s

Nina Wiley - Early 1920s  Love the hair-do

Nina Mowry Wiley

This is Joan's big sister. She lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Nina Wiley and daughters: April Austin Barnes and Pat Austin (center)  1990

Billy Wiley 3, 1951

The Wiley Kids

Nov. 1953 "The 3 Kittens" Kindergarten Play

Lewis Pace, Tom Sugg and Bil Wiley

Bill Wiley 10 yrs old, Suzanne 3, and Amy 1. Taken in 1959

Nina Mowry Wiley - 5 years ( 1934)

Mrs. Nelson's Kindergarten play - Nina is the small blonde standing beside the queen

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1949 - Billie Jean Wilson and Sandra McConnell


The real New Orleans Mardi Gras 1947

Below is Minden Resident (Judge Coleman Lindsey's son)

who is a playright in London and a friend to many

movie stars and actors.

Jason Lindsey and Joan

Jason Lindsey was raised in Minden.

Minden High School Friends

Jody Harper and Doris Jean Reed about 1949

Jeannie Hammons, Jean Flowers and Becky Whisenhunt 9/6/1950

Sandra Samuels - If you can identify the other girls with her E-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM

5/6 the Dirty Six

L-R:  Gary Daniels, Tommy Ashcroft, George Moore, Jackie Wright & Leon "Red" Cupples in the front

They liked to call themselves the "Dirty Six". Some said their motto was, "No dirt is dirtier than the dirty six."
 However, they were the nicest group of boys you would ever want to meet. They grew up on the side of town that was hit hardest by the 1933 storm. Some called their neighborhoods the dirty side of the storm.

(Not pictured is Charlie Hennigan.)

9/6/1950 L-R: Jean Womack, Mary Jane Adams, Jenny Hammons, Rebecca Whisenhunt

JoAnn Corbin and Eleanor Smith  (Class of 1952)

Taken in 68. Mr. J. L. Cathcart  (1895-1969)   Principal at M.H.S. until

W.W. Williams became principal during the 1954/55 school year. 

Standing left to right class of 1952:

Richard Carey, Billy Gleason, Jon Lowe, Bobby Starr, Connie Perryman, _______ and Gayle Wise.

Seated:  Dick Taylor, Rowland Ivy, Harvey Nelson, and Perry Lee Sanders

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Identified by Rowland Ivy

Standing: Unknown lady, Unknown lady, Waurynne Hurley, Joyce Dulany Anderson, Martha Wimberly,
Billie Jean Wilson Green, Barbara Gibbs, Billie Sue Brooks Sanders, and Lola Melton.

Seated: Rebecca Whisenhunt Martin, Billie Sue Bryant, Bess Hunter. Virginia Hammons, Eleanor Smith,
Wanda Monzingo, Rolene Byars Camp, Jean Alice Flowers, Peggy Wise Jones in the pink blouse and red shoes

 In the class reunion picture, with the ladies sitting on the couch and standing behind it, the dark haired lady with glasses is Virginia Gibbs, I believe... I don't know her married name. Joan Wylie Luck

Identified by: Joan Wiley Luck, Rowland Ivey and Nan Hunter Castle and Joan Wylie Luck

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Back row Harvey Nelson, ____Perry Lee Sanders, Roland Ivey, Connie Perryman,
______,__________, Richard Carey, _____Billy Gleason.
Middle Row:
Peggy Wise Jones, Rolene Byars Camp, _______,, ___________, Wanda Monzingo
Haney, Billie Sue Brooks Sanders, Bess Hunter, Rebecca Whisenhunt, Joyce
Dulany Anderson, ______,________,_________, Jon Lowe,________________
Kneeling: Gayle Wise, Billie Jean Wilson Green
Robert and Joan were in assignment in Minnesota and couldn't be there. Peggy Jones
sent the pictures to Joan Wiley.

Mr. Dean and Mr. Cathcart about 1948

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L-R Wanda Monzingo, Bobbie Womack Toland, _______

Standing: Sue Smith Harper

L-R: Sybil Ray, Betty Wall Wise, Joan Wiley Clement and Bobbie Jean Langheld Sanders

Sue Smith Harper, Gayle Wise and Janet Hanson

Seated: L-R: Charles Wayne Harper, Sue Smith Harper, Judge Hanson, Janet Hanson,

Standing:_______, ________, _____O'Neal and Millie O'Neal

Joan Wiley Clement, Perry Lee Sanders, Sue Harper Smith and Gayle Wise

Sue Smith Harper, Gayle Wise, Perry Lee Sanders and Joan Wiley

Joan Wilie, Perry Lee Sanders, Sue Smith Harper and Gayle Wise

Former M.H.S. Students

Ian Mowry Class of 1954

Ikey Kirkikis 12-2-50

Jean Sentell, Class of 1953

Wayne Barron

Eleanor Smith, Class of 1952

1958 Class Reunion Picture's

Sat. night, 10-17-98 at Woods Ranch L-R: Peggy Woods Ponder, Joe & Joan Wylie Luck

Gary Hurley, Chuck Parker, Leon Hearn, Joe Luck and Floyd Jones

Joe Luck, Joan Wylie Luck and Peggy Woods Ponder

Janelle Boyce Dickinson, Bonnie White Brown, Charlotte Beaird Turnage ,

Joe Luck and Kathryn Hearn wife of Leon


 Dudley Bell Class of 1970

July 1989  L-R Sally's friend, Peggy Almond, Cora Lou Brown Robinson, Rebecca Campbell Marvin, Sally Ware____and Joan Wiley Burns.

Peggy Staples took the picture 

1958  - October 1998 Reunion

Billie Jean Prescott  Kemmerly dancing with Jimmy Watts, Bill Cook and Chuck Parker

Bill Cook, Charlotte Turnage Beaird and Joe Inabnett

Martha Sawyer Cacsio, Bill Cook, Peggy Woods & Jimmy Watts

Edd Moreland & Kay Hutcherson (she is now is wife.)

 Mrs. George Doherty and Dorothy Campbell

.Dan Robinson and  Jeanne (Mrs. George ) Doherty 

She taught speech at Minden High School