Contributed by Joan Wiley Luck

Luther E. Pratt,,  was born 13 December 1815 at Hebron, NH .  Emigrated to Webster Parish as a young man; soon after, elected and served as District Clerk. Married Delisa Rathbun. She taught school and was raised in New York. Luther worked in merchandising in Overton and Minden. Delisa in 1888 but, her grave is not with the others in the Minden Cemetery. Children born to the Pratts are three sons and 4 daughters.  (Order may not be exact.)

1. Edward E. Pratt born 4 November at Overton, La. died 3 Sep. 1861 at Manassa, Va. son of Luther Pratt; one of the first to join the Confederacy, died shortly after enlisting.

2. W. C. C. Pratt died at Overton, La. 3 Sep. 1849 age 19 months

3. Edward Clarence Pratt born 25 October 1842 died 26 December 1869 . He was elected and served one term in the legislature, on of its most active members. Clarence and Walter Scott established The Public Sentiment in July 1866. He fought a duel with Robert Lewis two miles south of Minden and was wounded. He died in Texas.

4. Fanny Pratt died young

5. Helen Pratt born 4 April 1850 died 10 May 1886 married John C. Vance  born 25 August 1843 senator of New Orleans

6. Belle Pratt  born 1852 died 1933who married Dr. T. J. Vance born 7 Oct. 1834 died 3 Feb. 1917 attended Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa; 1858 received medical degree.

7. Alice Pratt  married William A. Sugg was born  about 1852 died aged 67 years and married Alice about 1877; of their six children, two died before 1910. One son was named Webb. They lived in the town of Minden.


Amanda Pratt and her sister Amarirtha Pratt
sisters of Clarence Byron Pratt taken in 1865
when their brother returned from the civil war.

They have slaughtered our kin
They have destroyed our property
The first and foremost ingredient
of our children's education
will to always  have                                                                                                                                                                                                        hatred & despise for the Yankees.
By Amarintha Pratt 1865

Joan and Bill Wiley are brothers and sisters. This picture was taken about 1949.

Joan is court administrator and clerk of court for the City of Minden.

Bill is an attorney and public speaker and author. Bill now lives in San Francisco, California.

Joan has gathered her memories and shared pictures this picture of her  grandparents home.

This was the Ben Wiley's home before the 1933 tornado took down the trees and side room.

Ben Wiley is in the chair behind the tree. Nina Wiley is in the yard located at

307 South Broadway, Minden, Louisiana 

This is is the Wiley home after the 1933 tornado hit in 1933.

This is another view of Wiley property.  The Wiley's also owned the house on the right.

They called it the cottage.  Do you wonder if the Wiley's knew Bonnie Parker and Clyde

Barrow were on their property snapping pictures the same day the above picture was taken?

There is an interesting story on this site you may might enjoy reading. The title is:

 "A Ride With Bonnie and Clyde" by Tommy White. 

The Minden City Jail - 

Nina Wiley purchased the city jail for $11,000.00.  The building had a castle like design.

The building had a castle like design. When they sold the building it was demolished to make room

for a civic center.

Sugg, Thomas, C.  T. Sgt. Thomas C. Sugg, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Sugg, Minden, graduate of Minden High. Entered

Army AF in 1942, trained at Camp Beauregard, Keesler, Field, Miss, San Diego, CAL, Salt Lake City and Laredo, Texas.

Awarded DFC, Air Medal With 3 ALC and 2 Battle Stars, Discharged in 1945. (Note: ALC probably OLC.

Thomas C. Sugg 19 Oct. 1922 - 13 Apr. 2003
TSGT US Army Air Forces WWII
Distinguished Flying Cross
Died in Shreveport, La. Electrician, lived in Heflin, married to Mrs. Louise Stiles Sugg

SUGG, William C., Jr. Lt S/g William C. Sugg, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Sugg, Jr., Minden, husband of Nan Banks, Minden, graduate of Minden High, Loyola U., Dental School and Kemper Military School. Entered Navy in 1942, trained at Parris Island, S.C. and Camp Pendleton, Cal. Served in Lilac Terrace, Los Angeles, Cal.

William (Billy) Clarence Sugg Jr.
21 October 1921 - 3 April 1949
Billy Sugg, a dentist was married to Nan Banks.

They are buried in Minden Cemetery in F-1

William Clarence Sugg 19 Jun. 1877 - 31 Aug. 1938
Grace Child s Sugg 18 Oct. 1889 - 24 Apr. 1958
Amelia Sugg Stocking 20 Jul 1912 - 15 Mar.1979

Tommy Bruce Stiles, son 1 Dec. 1948 - 15 Feb. 1968
LA PFC 7 Field Hospital brother to Jerry Stile, Melanie and Billy Sugg.

C. D. Wiley 1910 - 1 year old

C. D. Wiley with his first new car taken about 1928

C. D. Wiley   - Fish caught from Bistineau about 1936

Glen Moreland and C. D. Wiley after a day of fishing at Bistineau in 1936.

Knights of Phthias - George Calvit ( C. D. Wiley back row center) &  Tom Green

Probably late forties

1942 - Old Court House Minden, Louisiana

C. D. Wiley in Italy,  1945- U. S. Army Infantry 88th Blue Devils

W. R. Garrison, A. Q. Hackett, Frances Brown and Clarence Wiley

Clarence Wiley in Italy in 1944 during WWII (He is the man on the right.)

St. intersection in down town Honolulu 1942 after bombing. C. D. Wiley worked there.

1942 C. D. Wiley and Noakes at his house in  Honolulu After the bombing.

Mr. Wiley is the one on the right.

Webster Parish Sheriff's Office - What year ?

W. B. Matthews, Prentiss Hough, O. H. Haynes II, Russell Adams

Back Row: Charlie Edwards, Rube O'Neal (Sp. of first name?) and C. D. Wiley

1951 - February 1, 1951 The year of the big snow in Minden

Home of C. D. Wiley on West Union Street

C. D. Wiley - 1971 Webster Parish Centennial

Minden Cemetery Section A Clarence D. Wiley 22 Jul. 1909 - 1 Mar. 1976 son of

Frances Brown Wiley born 16 Jan. 1923 - 27 Dec. 1999

Harold M. Mowry born 29 Dec. 1899 - 28 Feb. 1977 h/o Nina W. Mowry

Nina Wiley Mowry 15 May 1904 - 8 Mar. 1972 w/o Harold M. Mowry devoted Father & Husband

Frances Pessoney 4  Oct. 1910 - 12 Dec. 1967 w/o W. B. Wiley Jr.

W. B. Wiley 1875-1938 and Nina Sugg Wiley 1856 - 1973

 Frances B. Wiley born 16 Jan. 1923 - 27 Dec. 1999

Sarah Frances Brown, cheerleader about 1939

Sara Frances Brown Wiley wife of C. D. Wiley, taken about 1940

Frances Brown and Jamie Garrison

Ruth Turner, Dickie Garrison, Richard Garrison, Peg McKenzie, Doris Jean Cheatham,

Frances Wiley, Vesta Garrison, Anna Johnson, and Bernice Ratcliff

Garrison Plot Section F-1 Minden Cemetery

Richard B. Garrison born 12 Apr. 1916 died 27 Aug. 1991
S/Sgt. US Army WWII married
Vesta A. Garrison s/o M/M/ W. T. Garrison; MHS graduate

Jamie Crayton Garrison born 3 Oct. - 10 Sep. 1993
Gary Garrison 27 November 29 November 1940

William Richard Garrison
27 June 1882 - 14 June 1946
born in Texas married first to Eva C and had four children.
He then married Emmie Crayton as his second wife.

Emmie Crayton was born 3 June 1880 died 10 December 1967
She was the second wife of William Richard Garrison

Mary Ella Crayton born 1 January 1884 died 16 June 1974

Section A Southeast Murrell Plot

Joseph H. Murrell born in Union District S. C. born 27 Dec. 1817
died in Minden, La. 8 Jun. 1868

Mary Ann Neal born in Zebulon, Ga. 22 Jun. 1831
died 7 Nov. 1917 beloved w.i Joseph H. Murrell

Ava Garrison born 8 Oct. 1887 died 2 Jan. 1911
wife of W. R. Garrison
wst. wife of W. R. Garrison
4 children who died young
Lived on Shreveport Road in 1910.

Robert M. Garrison
3 Oct. 1907 died 30 Dec. 1915
Born in La. to Richard w. & Eva D. Garrison

Mike Kennon brother of Edward Kennon

The Kennon Plot Section F-2

John Edward Kennon 1967-2003

Francis E. Kennon 1899-1945 Mason

Clara W. Kennon

Gail Felts Kennon 1936 - 2002

House under construction - Does anyone know where this house is located?

Huey P. Long Speech in Minden 1920's

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Governor George Wallace ran for President on the American Party during the early sixties.

 5th  Birthday Party - Minden, Louisiana

 Left to right -  Sandra Gray, Joan Wiley, Sherrill Drake, Rene Pugh, Gene Pugh and Dana Davis

Edna Drake and James "Jimmie"

Joan Wiley  and Sherrill Drake ..

Joan still hears from Sherrill  in Pocatello, Idaho.


Sandra McConnell and Amos Davis - 1948


Taken around 1949 with 1952 classmates from left to right:

Eleanor Smith, Joan Wiley, Jean Womack and JoAnn Corbin

Rebecca "Becky" Whisenhunt in 1948 (Class of 1952)

Mary Jane Adams in 1948 (Class of 1952)

James Dobbs  -  Minden High School about 1950

Joan Wiley Luck

This lady is ageless and beautiful  -  Minden High School, Class of 1952

This is Joan's husband, Joe with his "catch of the day"

Mark Clements


Joans, three daughter's, the Clement girls, Cyndy, Mandy and Becky taken in 2003yy

















Kenneth Gay, husband of Cyndy


                                              Guy Clement, M. H. S. Class of 1952

Webster Parish Clerk of Court Office Minden, Louisiana 1964

Left to Right Standing: Barbara Biles, Louise Flake, Joan Wiley Clement, LeVerne Strong,

Seated: Virginia Prothro and Aeolian Collinsworth

Webster Parish Clerk of Court Office Staff 1968

William McKenney, Joan Clement, Marcelle Shaw, C. D. Wiley MacIssac, Winnie Brinkley, and Henry Mathews

Minden High School 1963

Back Row: Sherie Pendleteon, Diane Martin, Betty McQuire, Patsy Thompson, Ginger McDade, Becky Parker, Jane Harp, Sandy Morgan, Susie parker, Sue Thompson.

Front Row: Sandra Gray, Ellen Upton, Kay Martin, Tommy Elshout, Frank Watson, Laura Frazier, Becky Clement, Barbara Pendleton, and Cyndy Clement.

Submitted by Cyndy Clement

This was the football stadium we used during the 50s. Joan recalled when  Johnny Hudson jumped off atop the

stadium  and caught his finger in the steel and lost his finger.

Class of 1927  - If you can identify the members of this class please e-mail us.

4)  Photo of Class of 1927.  Turner Almond is standing third from left in the photo next to the two women who are standing. 

 Dr. Milton Richardson is standing right in the center of the photo and is wearing glasses.

On the back was written the names of Milton Richardson, Turner Almond and C. D. Wiley

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Jean Womack, Eleanor Smith, Joan Wiley and JoAnn Corbin

exchanging "girltalk" about 1950.

Hunters Playhouse - Sadie Hawkins Dance.  (Late 40s or early 50s?)

In the picture taken at Hunters's Sadie Hawkins dance, Joan's sister, Nina, is the blonde at the back beside the tallest boy (center)

at the back beside the tallest boy (center).

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Gladys and Larry Hunter taken around the sixties and their beloved, Welsh Corgi, Buster Brown.

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July 12, 1950  Eloise Sanders and Annie Laura Johnson - Methodist Camp

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Methodist Church Camp July 12, 1950 - Caney Lake

(Order unknown)?

1. Anna Laura

2. Barbara Dean Smith

3. Jean Womack

4. Eloise Sanders

5.  Mary Jane Adams

6. Eleanor Smith

7. Jean Hammons? SP.?

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Camp Picture #004. If you recognize anyone in the picture e-mail MindenMemories@AOl.COM

The John and Lillie Harville Family from Dubberly and Doyline , Louisiana probably talem  in the thirties

Camp Picture #005 If you can identify anyone in the picture e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM and reference the picture #.

Picture #006. Pleasant Valley Methodist Church Sunday School Class located on Highway 7north of Dixie Inn, Minden, Louisiana

L-R Back Row                                              L-R Front row

Huey Williams                                                         ?

Wayne Green                                                 ?  Hortman

  Grounds or Downs?                                               ?

 Grounds or Down  ?                                      E. C. Hortman

  Grounds  or Downs?                                     Robert Burns about 8 years old (Robert is now deceased).

 Clotilda Faircloth                                           Billie Joyce Green

Mrs. Willie (Blanche) Canfield   1880 - 1995

William M. Canfield 1875 - 1960    

Corrections and additions appreciated

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Robert Burns Class of 1948

Buddy Burns - Class of 1949

Billy Burns - Class of 1954

Bonnie Sue Burns - Class of 1956


     Robert, Billy and Buddy Burns.

Billy died September, 1996. He had cancer. He is buried in the Pleasant Valley Methodist Church Cemetery.

He was married to Barbara Bryan when he died.  (Billy Burns - Class of 1954)

Robert Franklin Burns is also deceased and is interred in the Gardens of Memory, section 2, Gardens of  Fountain

of Youth, Row 1, born 20 May, 1930, died 1993. AT3 US Navy Korea.  He was married to Joan Wiley when he died.

(Robert Burns - Class of 1949)

Buddy and Suzanne Roberts Burns live in San Diego, California ( She graduated in 1953)

 Buddy and, son, Jim Burns

Buddy and Robert Burns

M.H.S. Class of 1948 and Class of 1949

Member of the Adkins Family

Tillie Adkins had a small store on the homer road. He was the seventh son

of the seventh son. He was called on to cure a wart on Joan's finger when

she was a small child.

Webster Parish Centennial - 1971 From left to right:

Joan Clement Batton, Winnie Brinkley, C. D. Wiley, Marcella Shaw

Clerks Conference - Baton Route Hilton

Hentry Mathews, Joan Batton, Winnie Brinkley, Barry Slack

L-R Jack Batton, Jack Crislere, Tony Elzen, Red Cupples, Harry Andress.

Seated: _______ Rosamond Jones

Webster Parish Centennial, 1971

1971 Webster Parish Centennial Celebration

L-R Jack Batton, Jack Crisler, Tony Elzen, _____Red Cupples

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Dot Batton

Family picture of Jackie Batton  & Rogers Reeves, those in the picture are (l to r) Dalesa Reeves, Greg's wife, Greg Reeves, youngest son of Tootsie(Jackie) and Rogers Reeves, their daughte, Alicia and Scott Reeves, their older son.

Jackie Batton and Roger Reeves Wedding  - Is that standing beside Jackie?

Shurtleff - Batton - Plot - Minden Cemetery - Section C

Arthur Howard Shurtleff 10 Dec. 1920 - 29 Aug. 1985 Shriners

Marie Temple Shurtleff 8 Oct. 1922 - 17 May - 2004

Caroline G. Shurtleff  15 Apr. 1953 - 1 Nov. 2000


             James H. "Jimmy" Batton

The above picture was taken about 1979.

Jimmy Batton in "Beauty Contest" lip'synced to  Just A Bowl of Butter Beans around 1980.

James H. Batton 23 Apr. 1943 - 27 Dec. 1997 Lt. US Army Viet Nam  "A friend to his community" 

Jack and Alice (Shurtleff) Batton had 3 children:  Jacqueline (Jackie), Jimmy, and Dorothy (Dot)

Batton, Dorothy Alice 18 Dec. 1914 - 14 May 1973

Batton, Jack 16 Dec. 1913 - 8 Apr. 1996 

Jack and Alice Batton were the parents of Jackie and Jimmy.  Jack owned a grocery  drug store on Maiden Lane and auction barn. He also raised horses on Goodwill street with Cowboy Drake.


Robert Joseph Luck

Joe and Tommy Luck

Martha , Joe, Mary Ann and Tommy Luck

Robert Joseph Luck

Tommy Luck

21 Apr. 1947 - 17 Mar. 1974
Son of Martha Moreland & John P. Luck
22 Jul. 1918 - 22 May 1993
SSgt. U S Army WWII

William Luck is interred in the Gardens of Memory Cemetery, Row 9,

Section 2 Garden of the Lord's Supper in Minden, Louisiana.

Mary Ann Luck

Joe Luck

LUCK PLOT - Section A West Minden Cemetery

Ruth  Luck 4 Oct. 1907 - 26 Oct. 1911

William H. Luck 12 Oct. 1869 - 8 Mar. 1951 and Anna P. 25 Nov. 1877 - 9 Dec. 1972

William born in AR. married about 1901; 1910 lived on Elm St. He built the first school

bus bodies made of wood. The family lived where Minden Bldg. & Loan is located today.

SECTION E.  William H. Luck Jr. born 25 June 1911 died 18 Oct. 1966 MAM U S Navy WWII

wife: Elizabeth Martin born 2 January 1910 died 24 December 1997

  THE BIG FISH.......

 Marel  Vanderwood

Kevin Luck

Wow! Who will eat those big fish?

Joe Luck enjoying his dinner!

 This is Becky, Joan's daughter and Roger White also at the dinner table.

This is Cyndy, also Joan's daughter and Kenneth Gay  enjoying a soda. 

Meet Joan Wiley Luck, today’s Reader of the Week

Joan Wiley Luck is this week’s Reader of the Week. She has been a
Webster resident for most of her life.

Name: Joan Wiley Luck

Birthday and birthplace: Minden - Sept. 7, 1934

I have been a resident of Minden/Webster Parish for: All of my life, except for a few years in California.

My family: Husband Joe Luck; three daughters, Cyndy Gay and husband Kenneth of Minden, Amanda Barber and husband Ron of Montana and Becky White and husband Roger of Minden; two sons, Mark Clement and wife Lindie of Fordoche and Kevin Luck and wife Tracey of Minden; seven grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and many pets including four dogs, one cat, two horses, chickens and ducks

Occupation: Clerk/court administrator for Minden City Court - 45-years experience in the court system

Hobbies: Fishing, reading, painting, old south history and cooking

Church affiliate and/or community groups or organizations: First United Methodist Church of Minden, Scottish Society of Louisiana and Dorcheat Historical Society

The last book I read was: The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown

The last movie I watched was: Open Range

My pet peeves are: People who park their carts in the middle of the aisle at the store, rudeness and bad manners

My favorite president is (was): Ronald Reagan

My heroes are: Anyone connected with St. Jude's, President Bush and our troops in Iraq

The four people I would invite (living or deceased) to my fantasy dinner party would be: My mother, Francis James, Bret Favre, Dick Cheney and the Rev. Billy Graham

My favorite junk food is: Anything salty and pizza

If there is one thing I've learned in life, it is: No experience in life, whether good or bad, is ever wasted if you learned something from it.

Though I was proven wrong, I once said: My kids would never do that! (HA)

People would be surprised to learn that I: Have battled extreme shyness all of my life.

My favorite thing about Minden/Webster Parish is: The beauty of Minden, especially in the spring and the friendliness of the people of this parish.

I enjoy reading the Minden Press-Herald because: It's about people and places I'm familiar with along with editorials and topics that affect me.

The door to the old Catholic Church

I thank my God upon every remembrance of thee.

1 Phil. 1:3

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