Demolition of The 1924 MHS School Bldg. 2

                         Continued from Demolition of the 1924 Bldg. 1

                         Compliments of Bruce Franklin, Class of 2005


                                  THE DEMOLITION CONTINUES



                                             The 1924 Minden High School Building Before the Demolition

                                                   Take A Walk down the halls of the building one last time...

                                              THE BATH ROOM FIXTURES, CEILINGS AND WALLS                   









                                                      Take A Walk down the halls of the building one last time...







                          The Bookroom                                                                              The Balcony


                                                Is this the light over the book room across from the library?


The Balcony over the old auditorium/later the girls gym.  How many of you remember the old staircase that was once located beside the stage of the old auditorium? On rainy days we would use it to keep from getting wet.


View from the balcony overlooking the girls gym where the stage was once located.   Are these auditorium seats from the 50s?     





                                                                                   THE CAMPUS




                                                                   Isn't the picture on the right interesting?


 This is one of my favorite pictures of the demolition. 


Minden has a beautiful campus.  Until the 1954 building was built, we had a very small campus so we just stood around. The boys had a smoking area below the terrace. Girls did not smoke back then so they never went there. 


I wonder if they have uncovered any of Miss Sadie Reynold's 8th grade "Time Capsules" that were buried when they planted trees in her History class?


The machinery is gone in this picture.                                   This picture one was in the Minden Press-Herald Aug. 12, 2005

Jeff Witcher of D.W. Thompson Construction directs the crane operator to go ahead with the ornamental piece that was removed from the front of the 1924 building on the Minden High School campus. Demolition of the old building continues to make way for new construction.
Special to the Press-Herald