Our hostess, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, welcomes our friends...

L-R, Dr. Richard Baker, Charles "Bo" Drake, Head of Drew Chreene, Greg Grambling, Richard Sanders, Thomas "T-Bone" Sharpling,

Standing beside Earlene is Douglas "Red Cupples, Tommy Drew Weaver, Joe Luck, behind him Billy Kidd, beside Joe Luck

is Dr. Steve Kirkikis and Stanley Sanders behind Dr. Kirkikis.

The lady in the front is Sue Richardson Kinsey


And Bo welcomes the rest.....

L-R, Patsy Kleinegger Drake, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Jeanette Baker,

Cortez David Cupples, Myra Crownover Hasty, Leverne Langheld Kidd,

Ann Mays Harlan, Sue Richardson Kinsey, Sue Matthews Norman, Charlotte Smith Martin and

Lorette Allen Sharpling.


Jannell Dickinson gave them a name tag while Jim Gritzbaugh

took their picture. That is the way we keep a record of who was

there so we do not want to remove anyone from the photograph

 we really, really hope you like your picture. We were so disappointed

when we discovered he had not gotten a picture of Sue and Carter

Norman together. We hope to see them in November so we can take

some then. We need one of Sue.

Sweet kisses for a sweet man...

Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh,  Dr. Carter Norman (Class of 1939) and Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

  Dr. Richard Baker (Class of 1953 ) and Jeanette Gipson Baker (Class of 1956)

                 LeVerne Langheld Kidd and

 Marcelee Robinson Culpepper from the Class of 1957

 Douglas Cupples and Cortez David Cupples (Class of 1954)

 Jannell Boyce Dickinson (Class of 1958)


 Charles "Bo" Drake (1954) and Patsy Kleinegger Drake (1960)

 Claire Turner Fussell, Class of 1965

 Greg Grambling  (Class of 1968)

 Jean Morgan Griffin (Class of 1956)

 Jim Gritzbaugh (Husband of Sherry Gresham) 











 Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh (Class of 1955)

 Drew Chreene (Doyline, Class of 1955)  and Ann Mays Harlan (Class of 1958)

 Myra Crownover Hasty (Class of 1955)  Brian Gilbey

 Linda Harkness Hunter (Class of 1950) and Ben Hunter (Class of 1947)

 Billy Kidd (Class of 1954)and LeVerne Langheld Kidd (Class of 1957)

 Maria & Dr. Steve Kirkikis (Class of 1953)

 Joan Wiley Luck (Class of 1952)

 Joe Luck (Class of 1958)

 Earlene Mendenhall Lyle - Class of 1956 (See photo at the top of the page.)

 Charlotte Smith Martin ( Class of 1957) and Arthur D. Martin

 Linda Mims Martin and Rob Martin (Class of 1955)

 Dr. Carter Norman - Class of 1939  (See photo's at the bottom of the page)

 Sue Matthews Norman - Class of 1941 (We are sorry Jim did not get a photo of Sue and Dr. Norman together).

 L-R, Stanley Sanders, (1968,) Judy Sanders, wife of Stanley,

 Sue Ann Richardson Kinsey (1968)

 and Richard Sanders (Class of 1970)

 Thomas (T-Bone) Sharpling and Loretta Allen Sharpling

 Tommy Weaver (Class of 1953) and Vera Wood Weaver (Class of 1956)

Dr. Carter Norman and his harem (Class o 1939  Sue Norman graduated in 1941

She was elected one of the most beautiful girl the year she graduated.

L-R, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Jeanette Gipson Baker, Patsy Kleinegger Drake, Jannell Boyce Dickinson,

Cortez David Cupples gather around the popular Dr. Carter Norman from the class of 1939, his wife,

Sue Matthews Norman, Sue Richardson Kinsey and Claire Turner Fussell.

 I see someone caught trying to get a lock of Bo's hair in this picture!!!  Who do you think that would be?

(Says Rob Martin  "Let me out of here...I'm a one woman man!") My heart belongs to Linda.

Pictured from left to right are Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Jeanette Gipson,

                                              and ....a little MINDEN history....

Charles "Bo Drake from the Class of 1954 standing next to Cortez David Cupples also from the class of 1954. The year they graduated

Bo was voted most handsome boy. Cortez was voted most beautiful girl. The Tide Talk voted Earlene most beautiful  in 1956.

There are also two former Miss Minden's in this picture.  crowned Miss MHS in 1956, Earlene ended up becoming Miss Minden that same year.

In 1957 she crowned Marcelee Robinson Miss Minden. Marcelee is on the second row behind 1941 beauty,  Sue Matthews Norman.

Back to the picture id's...

Myra Crownover Hasty is on the front row, LeVerne Langheld Kidd is behind her, next to her is Ann Mays Harlan, next is Sue Richardson Kinsey,

Jean Morgan Griffin, Sue Matthews Norman, I see only the head of Marcelee Robinson Culpepper, Charlotte Smith Martin, Is that Loretta Allen

Sharpling trying to get closer to Bo? Standing next to Loretta was Joan Wiley Luck in the teal blue/green outfit.

Jannell Boyce Dickinson is standing behind Myra Crownover Hasty.


Bye for now...Hope to see you at the Ghost Walk in November.

                                                                                        Earlene and Sherry