Compliments of Nolan Bailey

 Minden Friends and Classmates:

Perhaps some of the regulars on the Minden Memories site can identify with the following  recollection....
"Hangin´ around, nothing to do but frown, rainy days and
Mondays always get me down..."  I've never understood this
song.  We country kids always loved rainy days.  What's not to
like about a rainy day and the clean fresh smell that always comes
when raindrops clean the air?



 In the muggy hot summers we barefooted country kids would often lie under huge oaks and watch the fluffy cotton boll cumulus clouds billowing upward toward the sun.  We could imagine that we were seeing all kinds of animals and people in the shapes of the ever changing clouds.  “Do you see the sheep?  Oh, oh, there’s granddaddy’s face!  Look over there, that’s a big pine tree in the sky.” 
Then, suddenly, and with little warning, a jagged bolt of lightening--a brilliant flash of light in the summer sky--would streak across the menagerie of our imagination.  A loud crash of thunder would resonate through the pine forest just seconds later, a harbinger of more interesting things to come.
Soon an iridescent curtain of cool water would begin to slowly advance across the broad expanse of pines to the pasture below and up the hill toward our home.  As the raindrops began to beat upon the canopy of the mighty oak trees, we would make a dash for the back porch seeking sanctuary in the dog trot often found in the older country homes.  When we expressed fear about the sound of thunder, Mom would assure us by saying, “Oh, it’s just the Good Lord filling up his tater wagon.”  That sounded reasonable to us because we had begun filling up real tater wagons as soon as we could toss those taters over the sides.
We kids enjoyed playing in the dog trot on rainy days and would make an occasional dash through the rain drops to play under the back porch.  Since our home had a tin roof, the rhythm of the raindrops provided a relaxing and peaceful lullaby. If one has never heard the sound of rain on a tin roof his or her life is not yet complete.
The wind would howl through the eaves and the lightening would flash and thunder would rumble across the fields, but we children were safe in our own little world-the dog trot.  Often, the wind would blow mist from the rain into our safe harbor but somehow all of these things were soothing and comforting to we kids--enchanting and mystical to our young ears.
The song of a summertime storm is like no other.  It drums out a lulling rhythm on a tin roof, creates a tapping on one’s bedroom window, forms whistling winds, and the rustling of leaves.  As kids we loved to sit on the back porch during thunderstorms as the cooling rain splattered through the screen onto our faces. 

Much simpler times when kids lived life day by day....


Nolan, Did you write that song? It is beautiful.


around, nothing to do but frown, rainy days and Mondays always get me

The line (above in quotes)  comes from a popular song...

The rest of the "mess" is mine... <grin>