Don's Record Shoppe 

             By Linda Holt Moorehead, Class of 1961


                             This building was formerly Don's Record Shoppe

I regret that I don't have any pictures of Don's Record Shoppe.  What I did have, I lost in Katrina.   

The shop was first Sammy's Record Shoppe (Sammy David's) and was located on Union Street next

to Lowe's Printing Shop where Mother kept it until after I left Minden in 1961.   It had two BIG front

windows and had listening rooms, something of a recording studio and a big open area in the back.  Kids

used to dance back there sometimes.  I have wonderful  memories of the shop in that location.  For the

first 3 years I remember working there during the Christmas holidays with help from James (whom I had

just recently met), Jeff Tucker, Billy Fuller, David Bailey and Vern Stoneciper, among others.   It was frequented

 by the local DJs, including Pat Connell, another local (Dubberly) boy.   When I read of the death of Joe Langley

recently, I remembered when he or he and Jack Voohries used to come in and there were more good memories created.

 I wish I could have talked to Joe again. 

Mother later had the shop on "Back Street" for a while before moving it to the last location, a tiny little place across the little

walkway from Mr. Russell's diner on Main Street.   I wish I could remember the name of the diner. 

Some people have gotten Mother mixed up with Mrs. Macel (sp?) Edwards Zappa that had a record shop on "Back Street"

but Mother's shop wasn't in that location for very long.   Mother loved her business and her customers and held onto it too long,

 until she had to sell out when Wal-Mart just took over that type business, as it did many others of different types.  I think

 Mother sold it and retired in about 1975 but I'm not at all sure of that date.

The only pictures I have of the building where the last of Mother's shops was located were taken last October when we were home

for James' 50th high school reunion.   I'm enclosing two pictures.  The building belonged to Mrs. Craton, I'm pretty sure, but I'm not

sure of the spelling of the name.   I've always assumed that was Rachel CRATON Bloxom's  mother or other relative but not at all

sure of that.   I never thought to ask Rachel or Don.


                     Trystan, James and Linda Holt Moorehead taken when

                     they were in Minden for his 50th high school reunion in 2006.