Dorcheat Inn Seafood & Steak Banquet

This year our our guests traveled from Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska,and Texas to Minden, Louisianato see their Minden friends one more time. We didn't see wrinkles or bald heads. We were all fifteen years old again. We remembered each another the way they looked when they were in high school. 

     Thank you for coming.

DSC0 - 2004 Mary Baggett (wife of Roy, class of 1955) Karen and John Dulany (1958) Ann Mays Harlan (1958) and Drew Chreene, Doyline High School (Class of 1955)

Who is the girl next to Drew Chreene______________?

DSC0 -2003 Ann Mays Harlan, (1958), Drew Chreene (Doyline High School (1955),

Sandra Tubberville Moorehead (1964) ,Bobby Moorehead, (1954)

Identified by Waynette Farrington Sharon, Class of 1964

DSC0 - 2002 Bobby Moorehead, Class of 1954, at the head of the table beside Connie Perryman Class of 1952 he is standing and talking to Roy Baggett, class of 1955, next is Mary (wife of Roy), Karen and John Dulany, class of 1958.

DSC0 2001 Mrs. Richard Thrash with her back to the camera Richard Thrash(1958) Rob Martin (1955) Bob Lyle (1953)

 Earlene Mendenhall Lyle (1956) Linda Lee Mims Martin (1955)

DSC01190 - L-R, Bill Terrill, Nancy Terrill, Lyda Roberts Madden, Barbara Mendenhall McLemore, Pat Irby, Benny Irby,Earlene Mendenhall Lyle James Madden, Shirley Frazier Youngblood and Bobby Youngblood at the front of the table across from Bill Terrill.

Bobbie Jean Langheld Hereford is seated at the table behind Earlene Mendenhall Lyle.

*Note....This photo was in the camera from the last Minden Memories Event when it was still Bayou Inn. 

DSC01191 -  L to R:  Jeanne Van Peene Bain, Richard Campbell, Lynda Minter Russell, Barbara Martin Bryan

 Seated behind Richard Campbell are Billy Kidd and LeVerne Langheld Kidd.

DSCO1192 - L-R, Wanda Monzingo Ballard, Nellie Lunsford Martin, and Waurynne Hurley Neeley

I see the faces of  Betty Jean Jones Palmer  seated behind Nellie and Bobbie Nash Brevard seated at the table behind Waurynne.

DSCO1193 - L-R, JoAnn Boland Gordon, Mildred Boland Moore, Marcelee Robinson Culpepper, LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Billy Kidd, and Bobbie Jean Langheld Hereford at the head of the table opposite Marcelee. 

I see Verna Nash Morris seated behind Marcelee at the table behind her. I see the head of Jack Voorhries behind Billy Kidd. Unfortunately the photographer did not get a photo of Jimmy Lou and Jack at their table.

DSCO1194 - L-R, Verna Nash Morris, Betty Jean Palmer Jones, Jean Morgan Griffin and Bobbie Nash Brevard

DSCO1195 L-R, Karen Dulany, Jay Dulany, Nel Dulany Couch, Andrew "Drew" Chreene, Ann Mays Harlan at the end of the table, Jeanette Gipson Baker, Dr. Richard Baker, Lee Anderson, Joyce Dulany and John Dulany seated across from his wife Karen.

I can see part of Sandra Richardson Walsh's head and all of Kay Cunningham seated behind the Dulany family.

DSC01196 - L-R, Karen Dulany, Jay Dulany, Nell Dulany Couch, Drew Chreene and Ann Mays Harlan.

The man on the right is probably Lee Anderson.

DSC01197 - L-R, A. D. Martin, Charlotte Smith Martin, and Mary Smith Lively

DSC01198 - Bobby Moorehead, Harold Weaver, Donna Weaver and Johnny Walker

Seated at the table behind Harold Weaver...I see Rob Martin, Sandra Richardson Walsh, Kay Cunningham and Joe Luck

DSC0199 - L-R, Joan Wiley Luck in the green blouse, Joe Luck , Kay Cunningham Davis in the glasses and Sandra Richardson Walsh seated next to her.

DSC01200 L-R, Joan Wiley Luck, Linda Martin Mims, and Rob Martin

Seated behind Rob and Linda Lee, I see Jay Dulany in the red shirt, Nell Dulany Couch, Drew Chreene and Ann Mays Harlan in the orange sweater.

DSC01201 L-R, Ikey Kirkikis, Sheilia Kirkikis, Roy G. Baggett, Mary Baggett, Dr. Steve Baggett, Maria Kirkikis with her back to the camera.

Seated at the table to the right is Miriam Hennigan in the red blouse

DSC01202 Ikey  & Shelia Kirkikis 

DSC01203 L-R, Cortez David Cupples, Miriam (Mrs. Ronnie) Hennigan, Charlie Hennigan, Ronnie Hennigan and Douglas Leon "Red" Cupples

DSC01204 - L-R, Charlie Hennigan, Ronnie Hennigan and Douglas Leon "Red" Cupples

DSC01205 Judy and Stanley Sanders

Seated behind Judy is Ronnie Hennigan

DSC01206 Greg Grambling and Dora Albritton


 DSCO1207 L-R,  Bobby & Nan Voss Liles.

DSC01208 L-R, Julie Miller, Sammye Jo Miller and Robert Miller

(Unfortunately we did not get a photo of Jannell Boyce Dickinson who was seated to the right of Robert Miller. )

DSC01209, L-R, (Loretta Allen Sharpling and husband Thomas Sharpling seated at the table talking to 1955 classmates Verna Nash Morris and Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh.  Behind T-Bone Sharpling I see Wanda Monzingo Ballard, Nellie Lunsford Martin and Wauryne Hurley Neeley.

DSC01210 - L-R,  Nellie Lunsford Martin. and Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh