Douglas Burt graduated from Minden High School in 1955. After graduation
he graduated from Northwestern State College. While there he attended summer
camps for the Pittsburg Steelers and also the Canadian football League for two weeks.

After college he was in the U.S. Army Infantry.

Before retiring in 1993, he was a teacher and coach for thirty-two years.

From 1962-1970 he taught and coached at Northside High School
From 1970-1973 he taught and coached at Deluth High School
From 1977-1976 he taught and coached at Lakeside High School
From 1976 until he retired in 1993 he was head football coach at Parkview High School
until 1993.

Doug and his wife, Dot live in Greensboro, Georgia. They have one son and one
daughter, Debbie and Gid. They also have four grandchildren. 


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Next time you talk with him ask him if he recalls the great Northside Track Team of 1964 and their superstar, Willis Delhomme.
Thanks, Tom Carey, Class of 1965

New Tide locker room dedicated to schoolís champions
Webster Parish News
Monday, 25 August 2008
Former Minden High School football champions participated in a dedication ceremony  Sunday for the newly remodeled football locker room at MHS.

The ceremony commenced at half past 2 p.m. to dedicate the new locker room to the former championship teams of 1938, 1954, 1956, 1963 and 1980.

One member of the 1938 team attended the event with his son. Jack C. Holomon was able to see not only his name on one of the new lockers, but also his grandsonís, Will Holomon.


 Members of the 1954 football team who graduated in 1955 were
*Jerry Frasier - most outstanding football player
*Doug Burt
*Bobby Hudson
*James "Jim" McCabe - Quarterback
Robert Miller
Roy Baggett
Doyle Walker
Bill Slay
Jimmy Marcus
Ronald Bryan
Drew Simmons
**Clifford "Spot" Taylor
**Meredith Nicholson
**Pat Watson

*  four became football coaches

** three are deceased


Members of the 1954 football team who graduated in 1956 were

Cranford, Danny Ray
Gardner, Bill
Kelly, Richard
Pevy, Charles Mack
Terrill, Bill
Reeves, Henry Rogers             All State Honors
Skinner, Douglas Lee              All State Honors

Duncan, Edwin Buie                Trainer
Miles, Larry                           Manager

* This information was taken from the MHS yearbook, GRIG, 1956.

Submitted by: Roy Baggett  (MHS 1955)