Son of Myra Crownover Hasty MHS Class of 1955.   Some of you will also remember Mrs. Crownover was one of the  teachers at Minden before she retired. We are all very proud of  Douglas and hope he will soon post his bio with more pictures and  updates to this site.

Douglas S. Hasty

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Farmers Branch, Texas 75234
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                                                                           TLC RIDES CAMERA CREWS

                                                                        were on site at the "Year One Experience "!





Join us for an outrageous Builders Challenge combined with a big fat reveal - times four - courtesy of RIDES and GM.  Four of the country's hottest shops have been asked to turn the new HHR (Heritage High Roof) into their vision of the ideal vehicle. Four top designers, each using the build team of their choice, all giving their own take on this mysterious ride that is just now arriving in show rooms. It's a fight to develop the "Ultimate Hot Rod".
Why such a variation on a theme? That's the beauty of a concept car; until it's in production, it's still a workable clay subject.  RIDES turned loose this quartet of talented shops with one charge: put your own spin on this new car.  The result is a four-of-a-kind reveal, the likes of which the car world has never seen-same color car.
For more information on the Unique Performance HHR visit:

HHR build teams:

For more information regarding the four teams visit:


Foose's Stallion Gallops into Motown
TLC'S RIDES: Tuesday, October 11th at 6pm CST

What happens when you mix the design talents of Chip Foose with the muscle car know how of Unique Performance to build the coolest Ford pony car?  Pure Mustang magic!

With the arrival of the already classic '06 Mustang, a band of Motor City builders including the top guns from Tecstar is turning the NEW pony car into the hottest NEW muscle car. RIDES will be there every step of the way as Chip and the guys from Unique and Tecstar build an amazing car that is as fast as it looks! 

This ride is getting rave reviews by car guys and it's not even available yet.  The new Foose "Stallion" is only in the anticipation stage and yet gear-heads are going crazy.

Join us for the world debut of the next great Muscle-Custom; a creation so cool, it'll need locks and alarms like no car before.  Check out the '06 Foose Stallion on TLC's RIDES this evening, Tuesday, October 11th at 6pm CST/7pm EST (Please note RIDES is airing an hour earlier than before).

For more information regarding the Foose Stallion visit: Thank you!