Charles Lewis was born to Mr. and Mrs. Gilton H. Lewis of Minden, La., October 20, 1937 .  He had two younger sisters who also attended Minden High School, Betty Sue and Linda Ann Lewis.  He attended  Minden High School where he had interests in sports, cars, and academic pursuits. 

Charles made friends easily, and people of all ages loved him.  He had the greatest sense of humor which permeated every conversation you were to ever have with him.  He worked with the Minden High School football team as trainer and went on to  LSU on a scholarship, working in the training room with Marty Broussard during the era of Paul Dietzel, the Chinese Bandits, and the National Football Championship in 195?  Billy Cannon, who won the Heisman Trophy during that year, was recently in Shreveport at a Sports Rally.  Charles'  sister-in-law, Eve Baskerville,  told him she had inherited his jersey from Charles Lewis.  Billy responded with a big smile and said, "How is ole' Charlie?"  When Eve told him Charles had passed away Billy said, "You just ruined my day!"  and went on to speak of how much he thought of Charles.   

From a young age, Charles had wanted to become a doctor, and after graduating as Valedictorian of his class at MHS in 1955,  he entered LSU pre-med and graduated from  LSU Medical School in 1964.  He married  Ellen Baskerville,  also of Minden,  June 22, 1963, and began an internship in surgery at Harris Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.  After his internship he entered the United States Air Force as a flight surgeon.  After his tour of duty was over he completed a Surgical Pathology residency at Scott and White Clinic in Temple, Texas, and then began his pathology practice in Denton, Texas, in 1975.

Charles and Ellen enjoyed life to the fullest traveling by motorcycle through the Rocky Mountains,  making life-long friends, and spending time with family in Minden, often reaching out to help others in need. 

Charles became ill in his thirties and left us much too soon.  But what a wonderful life he had and how much he accomplished!  Those of us who knew him well know there will never be another like him. 

Submitted by Ellen and Eve Baskerville

Charles Lewis was always one of my favorites.  He was a great help to our football success as a trainer who was in complete control of what he did and was special to his job. Coaches and players counted on him greatly.    

Jerry Frasier, Class of 1955

I remember Charles Lewis as a real southern gentleman smart, witty and charming.  He was the trainer for the football team when Jack (Moreland) was the statistician for the team.  They were a pair to see together. 

Jenny Kennon (Jeanette Woodard), Class of 1957