"Remembrances of Dr. James Wade", 

BY  JAMES Moorehead

Dr. Wade was an early physician in Bienville Parish.  In fact, he did the autopsy on Bonnie and Clyde when they were ambushed and killed in Bienville Parish.  James Moorehead, MHS Class of 1956, read about Dr. Wade here and sent the following story...   
We lived in the country between Arcadia and Gibsland and Dr. Wade came to our house to deliver me.  I was born around 11:00 AM and after my birth, Dr. Wade and my family all sat down together for dinner. 
Later, as he was filling out the birth certificate, he asked what my parents planned to name me.  Mama replied, "Robert Marshal".  Dr. Wade replied, "Marie, you can't name that boy Robert because you already have a Bobby and that is the same name".  She told him that was the only name she had thought about and he said to her, "Name him James, after me."  So, I became James Marshal.
Now for "the rest of the story" from Linda, James' wife...   I always think of this when someone says "small world".  Most people have no idea how small the world really is. 
We were having lunch at a family-style restaurant in Northumberland in Northern England and found that one of the couples was from the USA.  The usual questions followed such as, "Where are you from in the States?" and the fellow told us, "Oh, you wouldn't know it, it is just a tiny town in North Louisiana".  I told him, "We're from little towns in North Louisiana.  Try us!"  He replied, "Near Shreveport" and we said we were from that area and I asked if he knew where Gibsland was.  The man said yes, that he was from Arcadia. James asked if he knew a Dr. Wade from Arcadia. Very surprised, he answered, "Dr. Wade delivered me and that is where I got the name James." The  fellow said that Dr. Wade told all the mothers to name their baby boys after him. 
Later, when we were living in Cairo, Egypt, there was a gentleman we met by the name of James Blackwell.  A very similar conversation came up and he said he was from Arcadia and, lo and behold, Dr. Wade delivered him and told his mother to name him James after himself, as well. 
Small world?  You better believe it! 


Love James and Linda's story. Now what I want to know, did James' Mother get up and prepare dinner for this Dr. James? It almost sounded as if she did. it was lunch time after all and they were sitting around the dinner table eating and discussing what to name this new baby boy... too funny!  Can't you just see this happening...?  Back then wouldn't surprise me!!! Women of that day were expected to get up and FIX dinner, never mind, if she had just had a baby... this was her job!

 LeVerne Langheld Kidd

That is a neat story about Dr. Wade and a small world.
In 1968 after leaving my job in Finland I traveled to Stockholm, Sweden, and visited an art museum. While walking around the place I heard a familiar voice.  To my amazement around the corner came my fine arts teacher @ LSU, Mrs. Erickson, and her husband, Dr. Erickson, who I had for Spanish at the school.
It is a small world.
God Bless

Dr. Tom Carey