Compliments of Tom Carey, M.D.

 Dr. Samuel Mays Grigsby lived in Dubberly and for a very short while in Minden. He died at age 32 of chicken pox pneumonia and left the family penniless but they did have the old house at the area where Bell South later put a phone company building.   I have pictures of my Great-Grandfather Dr. Sam and I am fortunate to have his scalpel, medical school diploma(1887), and his license to practice medicine in Minden in 1892, the year that he died.   Interestingly, I also have his Grandfather's medical diploma from 1830.  It is handwritten of course in beautiful Latin.   As far as the first Dr. Grigsby, I keep the license displayed in one of my exam rooms. There have been several young patients who have asked if it MY license.  

My Grandmother, Lucile Grigsby Drew lived her married life across the street from the Presbyterian Church. Cousin Judge R.H. Drew lives there now, that is, when he is not playing music every weekend.   Grandmother had a couple of hundred of daguerreotypes of Grigsby Revolutionary War soldiers. I have an extremely fine drawing that Dr. Sam Grigsby's mother drew in 1850.  Lots of families have things like this but it is always amazing that paper products survived a century and a half in the deep south.

  Tom Carey,M.D. Ruston, LA


                                   Nancy Simmons Grigsby Report Card, 1854 

This should be boring to most. Nancy was the Mom of my Great Granddad, Dr. Sam Grigsby who practiced medicine in Minden and in Dubberly. Except for her son and her son's daughter, my Grandmother Drew, she was the last good student in the family.

Dr. Carey sent this pictures that you will also enjoy...

Minor 1924: young child last name of Minor, 1924 in Minden(friend of my Mother) 


Minden City Cemetery - Section A West (There are six graves in this plot)

Kenneth Catherine Wingfield born 24 June 1914 died 2 February 1918

Theressa Grigsby Wingfield born 10 January 1882 died 20 February 1948 in New Mexico

Lemuel Tooley (Infant) died 1 September 1881 buried in Flat Lick Cemetery

Lizzie Myers Grigsby Grigsby born 20 Aug. 1860 died 18 Oct. 1941

                  Photo by Ann Mays Harlan

Doyline Physician; graduate of Medical College of Alabama 1887

Treeby Grigsby born February 1883 died 31 July 1895

Norma Grigsby born 11 November 1891 died 7 August 1892

Dr. Samuel Mays Grigsby, 1798-1861, finished medical school at Carolina Medical College in 1830. The first page of his thesis from 1830 is at the left. He and his wife Sallie Graham Green Grigsby are buried in the Grigsby-Lewis Cemetery on Line Road, Claiborne Parish. This old cemetery is taken care of by R.O. Machen (MHS 1960) and his fine family. Many thanks are due R.O. for his continued hard work. Dr. Grigsby(1798-1861) had several children, one being Lemuel Grigsby.

Lemuel had one child with wife Nancy Teresa Simmons Grigsby, that child being named, also, Samuel Mays Grigsby. This 2nd Samuel Mays Grigsby, 1860-1892, finished medical school at Mobile, Alabama, in 1887 and he and his wife Mary Elizabeth Myers Grigsby moved to Minden and shortly afterwards bought the house that still stands on Main Street today. It has had many owners. Nancy died during the Civil War and Lemuel remarried and those relatives live just north of the city limits of Minden on Lewisville Road. One present day relative is Michael S. Chandler, M.D. Lemuel and that side of the family are buried at Shiloh Cemetery, close to Flat Lick.

Sadly for all concerned, Dr. Samuel Mays Grigsby died from pneumonia in 1892 and left his widow with 3 children, one being my Grandmother Lucile Grigsby Drew. Other children died young. The family was penniless and fortunately cousin Samuel Webb(Webb Hardware) stepped in and helped. This was just in time because 3 years later, one of the three children, daughter Treeby died at age 12 in 1895. My Grandmother’s sister, Theressa, finished MHS in 1900. This is her picture from about that time:

Thereesa Grigsby

                  Treeby Grigsby and Thereesa Grigsby


 Dr. Samuel Mays Grigsby 1860-1892

The Grigsby Family is buried in the Grigsby Plot, Old Minden Cemetery.

(Fortunately, I am in possession of my GGG Grandfather Grigsby’s Medical diploma from 1830 and my Great Grandfather Grigsby’s from 1887). I also have G Grandfather’s scalpel.

Submitted by Tom Carey