Dr. Tom D. Carey

 Dr. Tom D. Carey in 2008


In 1999 I was Louisiana coordinator of the Audie L. Murphy U.S. Postage Stamp Committee. The group, formed in Greenville, Texas, close to Sergeant Murphy's home, was formed to persuade the US Postal Service to honor the nation's most decorated soldier with a stamp in his honor.  We were successful and the stamp was issued. 

In 2002 I worked with the Governor's office to honor Commander Guy Bordelon, of Ruston, with a day in his honor.  Later I worked with Senator Breaux's office to dedicate a building at the Belle Chase Naval Air Station in Bordelon's name.  Bordelon was the U.S. Navy's only fighter ace from the Korean War.
I will stop here. There have been other veteran's issues, but that is enough.  Veteran's affairs have always been important to me.  My Dad was U.S. Navy in WWII. I did ROTC at LSU,  but was never called up as the Viet Nam war ended while I was in med school.
During the service honoring Colonel Stamm I made note to the crowd about my 3 friends from Minden who died in Viet Nam:  Captain Allen Culpepper, MHS 1962; David Lawrence Gloer, MHS 1961; and James Ronald (Ron) Garcia.  All 3 fine men who are missed to this day.
This is a picture of me presenting an award to Colonel Leon Stamm, MHS 1963.  Leon was all-district in football in 1963 and became career military.  In the 90's he was Commander of the AFROTC wing at Louisiana Tech.  The occasion was the dedication of the Lincoln Parish Veteran's Memorial Statue on City Hall grounds in 1992.  It was my pleasure to be financial chairman of that group


Thanks for listening.
TD Carey

 We e-mailed Dr. Carey and asked him to tell us more about himself and his family. He is such a nice person He answered many of our questions. 

                              Part II                          

The Audie L. Murphy stamp was made in a group of 4 along with Sgt. York, General Omar Bradley, and a WWI hero I cannot remember. I will email you a copy of the stamp.
I could not believe it took  thousands of collected signatures from many people including VFW Posts, just to get the P.O. to consider the soldiers for a stamp.  And, I was disappointed when Murphy did not get his own stamp and more disappointed when the P.O. produced the stamp for only 9 months.  It cannot be bought now.
While collecting contributions for our local veteran's memorial, I visited elementary schools and often had little children give the 50 cents that had gotten the night before from the tooth fairy.  I received and still have many letters I received from widows and relatives of deceased soldiers.  There were numerous great stories that ate at my heart and still do.
My Mother, Katie Drew, lived there on Broadway across the street from the Presbyterian Church.  My Granddad was Judge Harmon Drew and my cousin, Harmon, still lives in the house.  Mother finished MHS in 1931 and later went to University of Arkansas where she met my father who was U.S. District Attorney for Louisiana from 1950-52.
I was fortunate to have finished MHS in 1965 by the Grace of God and with the good teachers that we had then.  I see my old math teacher, Carolyn Boyett, in my office from time to time.  I have told her how mean she was then(age 29) and she says she had to be mean, look at whom she was trying to teach.
After graduating from LSU in 1969 I finished LSU School of Medicine in 1973, which was the first class of that school.  I did further training at Parkland Hospital and Methodist Hospital in Dallas, and then completed Dermatology training at Charity Hospital of New Orleans in 1977.
I can truthfully say my greatest award is having a wife who loves me and having two fine children.  My greatest honor is being a sinner saved by Jesus Christ.