This is a story about the man I think was one of the best MHS Quarterback and overall person to ever walk the halls of MHS.  To this day he remains a gentleman.

After looking at the awards and accolades that Ed accrued during his four years at Minden High School it might be difficult to expand on this great man.  From Class President to All-State Quarterback to All-State track, Ed represented the best in intelligence, kindness, and humility.
But, there may be few who remember perhaps the story of Ed Greer, the track athlete.  Ed ran the mile run for 4 years at MHS. That was at a time when track was a very unimportant sport.  There are many of us who remember Ed running quarter mile laps at the track long after the other track athletes had retired for the day. He also ran and ran on the weekends. As a senior he set the Northwestern State Relays of 4:30.0 in the mile run. This with little coaching. He won state in 1961 the year he graduated and finished his regular season career undefeated. He was invited to run in the New Orleans Meet of Champions in 1961 and he ran a MHS best of 4.23.7 in the mile and finished 2nd to Larry Shirey who ran a 4.23.4.  Even now, 46 years later, Ed's time of 4.23 would win most if not all of the LA state track meets.
As a senior in high school Ed was voted the All-Southern Quarterback, finishing ahead of later LSU Quarterback Pat Screen. Screen was a quarterback in high school but because of Ed's stats, Pat was moved to the halfback position in the All-South voting of 1960.
Ed later went to LSU Law School and was voted student body Vice-President of the whole LSU campus. During those years he married Bennie Holliday, MHS 1963.  Ed is retired from the practice of law and is now a writer in New York City.
Larkin Edwin Greer, MHS Class of 1961:  Athlete, scholar, and friend to all.
Tom Carey, M.D.

In the fall of 1960 there were two great football players who were known by the news media as:
"The Touchdown Twins".  All-State Quarterback Ed Greer and All-State End David Lee made up the duo. Both went on to fame in different ways in future years and both were true gentlemen and great representatives of Minden High School.


Ed Greer is one of the finest persons I've ever known and only wish I knew him better as an adult.  I was proud to be his classmate and know he was a great football player but I can't say I knew that first-hand.   Back when he was playing I had NO IDEA what was going on on the field!  : One other thing about Ed... he married a girl younger than us that I didn't know well but knew well enough to know that she is a very special person, as well.   She impressed me from the first time I met her.  GREAT couple!   Thank you for doing Ed's biography.
Linda Holt Moorehead


In 1960 and '61 I ran track with Ed . He was dedicated and always good person. We would run on Saturdays. His dad Larkin owned Marval Box co. in Homer La. I owned a Shell Station in Minden and Mr. Larkin traded with me . I ran the quarter mile and he ran the mile we both ran the mile relay. I do wish he would come to our reunions. I haven't seen him in a while.


Ronnie Hennigan