Former Minden teacher lives in Ouachita Parish





August 2, 2008

While I was in Monroe on Aug. 2, I visited for an hour with my former fourth grade teacher at Richardson, Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Here is her 2008 picture. The previous pictures were ca. 1960 and 1991.   I had not seen her since 1965 and had not been around her for any length of time since 1958! She is looking for her Richardson class rolls, but they are in a hot attic and will have to wait until cooler weather.

Billy Hathorn, Class of 1966  

Elizabeth Roberts (born 1934), who taught fourth grade at E.S. Richardson Elementary School in Minden from 1956-1967, resides at 218 River Road in Sterlington, LA 71280. She procured both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, then known as Northeastern State College. When she graduated in 1956, she could not find a teaching position in either her native Richland Parish or in Ouachita Parish, which includes Monroe and Sterlington. Therefore, she was hired by the Webster Parish School Board and taught at Richardson, first under principal J. L. Cathcart, for eleven years.


When her father died in 1967, Miss Roberts’ mother asked her to return to Ouachita Parish and live with her. She taught in an elementary school there for twenty-four years. In 1991, she retired from teaching with thirty-five years experience. In later years, she was her mother’s caregiver.


Over the years, Miss Roberts has traveled widely, not just in the United States but to places as far away as Australia and the Middle East. While she was in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2007, visiting her veterinarian-niece, she broke a leg. After several weeks, she was jetted backed to Louisiana and slowly recuperated from the fall.  Her mother has since died, and Miss Roberts still resides in retirement in the family home in the Fairbanks community near Sterlington in the northern part of Ouachita Parish.


Miss Roberts said that she “hated” leaving Minden but felt compelled to answer her mother’s call. In Minden, she was active in the First Baptist Church and roomed with a lady in a house since superseded by First Baptist properties. She was particularly close to the Albert Holliday family, who owned department stores, and was often invited to their home for Sunday dinners. She reports that Mr. Albert Holliday, remarried since the death of his first wife, is now residing in Monroe. She kept up with Minden news for a time through former Richardson colleagues, such as the late Marie Wynn, but in time lost touch with Minden. She would like to hear from former students and colleagues and can be reached at 318-665-4593.


Miss Roberts has a listing of her students for all eleven years that she was at Richardson school, and we will try to get her to share the names with the Minden Memories board.


I told Miss Roberts that she was like “Miss Landers” on ‘’Leave It to Beaver’’, a program that first aired a whopping fifty-one years ago!


 Billy Hathorn,

Miss Roberts’ class, 1957-1958


(Note: Billy Hathorn graduated from MHS in 1966)