Dear Classmates and Friends,

I don't know if I've told anyone on the Minden list, but when I was a student at Louisiana Tech I worked in the Irene Tolliver Dining hall, along with Tommy Lewis.  We checked off the names of students as they came through the line to eat each day.  As a result, I memorized the faces and names of around 800 students each semester.  Many of them were from Minden.

Some of the names that come to mind are those of John Lewis, Vern Stonecipher, Dave Hruska, Charles Nix, Alton Hortman, James Biles (lived next to my brother-in-law and sister in Vetville), James Morehead, Ray Davis, and Tommy Searles.  I'm sure that other names will come to mind, now that I'm "working on it."  I first knew Turner Almond when we lived in Hale Hall, along with Turner's roommate, Glen Thomas.  Later on, Turner would substitute for some of the guys in the dining hall when they had to miss work.  In fact, Turner knew that I was interested in photography, had an Argus C-3 camera back then, and loaned it to me for a few days to take some color slides around campus.  Now, that's trust. 

Tommy and I were popular with the students.  Nearly every day some guy or girl would ask the name of someone standing in line that they considered to be a prospective "conquest."  Was I stupid!  I always told them without compensation, but I'll bet I could have made a few dollars dispensing names.  <grin> Most of the time I could even tell where the particular student "hailed from." 

Working in the dining hall was an "experience."  There are many tales to tell, but this is one from the repertoire.  Some of the guys on the serving line got bored, so rather than putting a fried egg that was being served, on the plate, someone went into the back and got a couple of raw eggs.  They simply replaced the two fried eggs on the plate, with a couple that looked like they were boiled.  Everyone was "snickering" until one of the largest guys on the football team, Charlie Garris, came through and said "Oh, boy!  Boiled eggs, I love 'em."   The guys pulling the joke were having a "heart attack" about now.  Of all the people that could have taken the plate, a huge football player decided that he wanted some "boiled" eggs. They could just imagine what was to come.

Several of the guys ran to the tray return booth and peeped through the small window to see what Charlie was going to do.  Sure enough, he put one of the raw eggs in his palm, reversed his knife, and gave it a big whack to break the shell.  The egg "exploded" and the yolk just dribbled down onto his plate through his fingers.  The guys scurried back to their serving stations and waited for the inevitable "arse kicking," or so they thought.    <grin>  But, Charlie just brought his plate back with a big grin of his face.  He remarked, much to the guilty servers relief, "That was really funny, now give me a new plate."  Charlie got a new plate posthaste, and everyone began to "breathe" once again. 

Enough bologna for now,

Nolan Bailey

The Tech football player mentioned in my cafeteria tale was Charlie Garris instead of Garrison...I think he was a defensive end...?
The brain finally kicked in....<grin>