Will you marry me Erika?
  asks  handsome young Marcus Harmon 
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Harmon
This is the best picture I've  received, SO FAR ! from our granddaughter Erika's wedding June 21.. Still waiting on the photographer...
This was taking at THE GARDEN where the reception was been held, moments after leaving the church and just before the guest were to arrive...
Thought the colors were so pretty..
L-R :  * Robbie Ann Kidd;  Amanda Richie; 
*Kayla Nicholas;  *Erika & *Marcus;  *Shelby Nicholas; 
Michelle Thurman;  Mary Catherine Brown..
*Our Granddaughters &  grandson-in-law
What a privilege we've had being a part of and watching these kids growning into young adults...


The Wedding Cake




                                                                                                  Marcus Proposes


                                                                                 Will the lovely young lady say yes?


                                                  Notice the plane with the sign....................Will you marry me Erika?

                                                                                      Will SHE SAY YES?

This is our granddaughter Erika and her boyfriend, Marcus Harmon...

We walked to the beach yesterday to take pictures. While taking pictures a plane flies by towing a sign! After reading it, I turned to tell Erika to look up...but what I turned to see was Marcus on bended knee proposing to her! Hence the shock and awe!!!

Billy and I were so thankful that we were there to witness this event. What was so funny, everyone, including Erika, had been complaining it was too early in the evening to take pictures.

Marcus told us when he heard that plane coming he thought his heart was going to pound right out of his chest. You just never know what might happen when you take two kids who have been dating for 4 1/2 years to the beach.

Marcus graduates from LA TECH May 2008. No wedding plans until he graduates. He just wanted to stake his claim. He wanted to pop the question on the beach, knowing how much Erika loves in in Destin, Florida. How could she say no with all those folks watching? One of the sweetest moments we ever witnessed.

Submitted by: LeVerne Langheld Kidd