DURING THE FIFTIES

                                            Submitted  By: Dixie Dugan Clarke, Class of 1958

Scroll down to see woolworth’s menu from the 1950s.   A friend sent this to me.  The nearest woolworth’s was in Shreveport, I think.  I do remember eating there and remember the neat way Woolworth’s food service counters were laid out.  They were connected but separate.  Now does that make sense?  Only someone who has been there can really know what I mean.  


But, this brings back the memory of going to the double feature movies in Minden in the 1950s.  With a quarter, I got a ticket to get in, a box of popcorn, candy, and a shipwreck drink which I made myself.    A shipwreck did not taste good but it was fun to get one first because of the name and second because it was different.   A shipwreck was a little bit of all the flavor choices…coke, 7 up, orange, and dr. pepper, if I remember right.    Ugh.   Sounds awful now.   And it was iceless. 


All this to say, a quarter got me so much…  and two movies and a cartoon to boot.   And look at the Woolworth menu.    One ice cream soda was a quarter!    Makes Woolworth seem like highway robbery.     J


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