By Doyle Walker

Front Row:  Barbara Batten ,___,__,, Betty Faircloth, Mabel Evans

Also, In the picture with the story Farming Was Not For Me  the boy second from the right on the first row is Charles E. Roberts.

Second Row, Elise Smith,Dot Walker, Carolyn Culpepper, ___,Yvonne Simmons, Nancy Stewart,___,Keitha Frazier, Jeannine Mobley, Betty Claire Rhea, Keitha Frazier, ???

Third Row, Wanda Perryman, ___, Judy Smith, Bobby Jean Langheld, ?, ?, ?,?,     Johnny Johnson and Tommy Culpepper behind Jeannine Mobley and Betty Rhea?

Fourth Row, Mary Sue & Martha Kelly, Kathy Walden, ? , Anita Harkness, Myra Crownover, ?,?, Joy Lynn Murphy, Edward Kennon? Richard Yates, Billy Kalpakis, Doyle Walker and                

Paul Robinson

Top Row: Herman Ratcliff, Tommy Baten, Charles Pugh,? ?, ?,  Otto Krouse in the middle of the back row ;   Raymond Lyons,  ___Joe Roberts           

   _____ and Doyle "Spud" Rhames_______

A few more ID's.  Back row,    Raymond Lyons.  Raymond worked at the Minden Press for years.
Back row is Joe Roberts, died in 1953, He was in the class of '56.

 If this is a 4H picture, then I am fairly certain the one I pointed out
is me as I was very active in 4H about that time.  I raised a beef calf and
a jersey dairy calf each year.  I would show the calves at the
Minden/Shreveport fairs and then sell the beef calf at end of year at the
big livestock show in Baton Rouge.  Jimmie and Jackie Pullig were also
doing this each year.  It was a great way of growing up and taught us all a
lot about values and making money (even though by today's standards it was
not a lot of money?).  We would borrow enough to purchase a young calf and
feed for a year from Mr. Harper at Minden Bank.  We would pay off the bank
after selling the calf with the difference being our profit for the year
(as I recall it was usually around $100-$200 dependent on how high the calf
placed in the shows.  That was still pretty good money then for a country
boy from McIntire/Dixie Inn).  Others I remember from these days were Otto
Krause, the Hinton brothers (Hinton Dairy)and the Craig brothers from
Shongaloo. I ran into Tommy Craig many years later in Stuttgart Germany
where he was a one-star USAF General serving at Hq EUCOM at Patch Barracks,
Germany.  It's a small world!!  While I enjoyed it at the time, it also
convinced me that I did not want to be a farmer and do this for a living. 
Cheers, Doyle

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